Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sigh...These Kids

*Facepalm* Lycan's walking around eating something, saying "Candy". I take it from him and see that he's eating a birthday candle.... Sigh. Time for some better child proofing on the drawers.


Our outlets are all covered. Lycan knows he's still not allowed to mess with them. What's he doing, thinking that I'm not watching? Trying to talk the baby into touching the covered outlet.
Older siblings are a pain in the butt. As a little sister, I know from experience.
I remember when I was younger, how my big brother and one of his friends told me to hold my tongue and say, "Apple." Then they threatened to tell on me for cursing.

Eh, the baby is a jerk too. Whenever I'm trying to change Lycan's butt, here comes Vinny! He pulls on Lycan's hair, pokes him in the eye, smacks him, grabs and scratches, and yesterday, twice, he had a hold of Lycan's outtie belly button. It's not easy keeping one sibling from abusing the other when you're elbow deep in a poopy diaper. And he does it all with an evil smile.

THEN he tries to get out of being in trouble by giving kisses. He's like those Sour Patch commercials. I swear.


Evil Vin comes over and grabs my bandaid, almost successful in pulling it off! And he laughs at my pain! Lycan comes in and kisses mommy's hurt.  
"Mommy all bedder?" He asks, face full of concern.  

"Thank you, Lycan. All better."  

"Okay mommy." <3 As I sit here typing this out, the baby is trying to tear off my bandaid and Lycan's throwing wipes at my head, both of them squealing with laughter. Kids. I love em, little butts.

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