Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maybe It's Just Wishful Thinking...

Warrior's showing interest in other things, than just balls.  ANIMALS!

He just gets bored with most other toys.  He has 0 interest in watching Baby Einstein, or similar, videos.  He doesn't pay as much attention to the TV, as Wolfman did around his age.  He likes toys, certain ones get him going, but nothing like balls and animals.  He just gets so tickled when playing with the animals that the March Hare brought em on the Spring Equinox.  Especially a purple walrus bath toy.  LOVES IT.

Lycan loves animals, too, but not nearly as much as he loves vehicles (hence why his #1 love is Paw Patrol--puppies and vehicles!).

I love animals, always have, according to my mom.  They were my go-to toys, too, from the cheap dollar store pouches to The Littlest Pet Shop (old school, not the big-headed, fashion things now) to The Lion King to dinosaurs (Wolfman likes dinosaurs, too).

Mommy loves animals and dinosaurs.  I've been thinking about giving Wolfman ones of my age-appropriate dinosaurs.  I kept many of my toys to pass on to my kids, because I really cared about my toys and it's kind of a family tradition.  Keep your favorites to pass on.

But I'm pretty happy that Warrior's excited about animals.  By Wolfman's first birthday, we had a theme due to his likes, which was TMNT at the time (and a lot of that was also due to daddy--I've had to curb my husband from buying things he likes for Wolfman, because our son just isn't that interested).  For Warrior, we went with a Monster theme, because I thought it was cute, he growls, and a ball theme wasn't that fun in my opinion.  Although we had tons of balls at the party.

However, I almost went with a Magical Forest theme, due to May Day being around the corner from his birthday.  The fans voted for Monsters, so monsters it was.  Maybe in the years to come?

A big milestone is coming up for them both: Wolfman's getting a toddler bed and the baby is getting big brother's crib.  Naturally, Wolfman's getting all Paw Patrol bedding stuff.  As for the baby, he's getting a safari bedding set.  We got it shortly after he was born, but weren't able to use it--except the blanket.  It's all going to change.  But I'm looking forward to see what other things Warrior loves, but I have no problem with indulging his animal love!

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