Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dart Throwing Robots

I got two teeth pulled last night--a baby tooth and a broken molar.  While under the loopy gas, i couldn't help but notice how my molar's eviction was similar to my long labor with Warrior.  Neither were ready for the world!  Both fought to stay in there.  Only this time I was allllll numbed up and feeling good!  Oh, and both times, someone high up on the food chain had to come in with their professional touch and get the process going quicker.

I knew I was going to feel all the pain after the numbing stuff wore off (and i did, it took 2 hours before i got medicine after the numbing stuff wore off.  Awful!), but I enjoyed the gas and everything.  Today, I was just a little loopy from the pain killers.  I just ....  i don't know where i was going with that sentence.  Sorry.

But today, I finally got more mail, more pieces to my kid's milestones.  Wolfman's bed and mattress protector came, Warrior's mattress and protector did, too.  We're just waiting for the bedding set that the post office....sigh....I don't know what they're doing.

I had the wrong address on there and fixed it.  It was forwarded.  Then I recieved no messages at all for over a week.  I did a spell on Sunday to get something positive going and for the package to be here soon.  Yesterday, I FINALLY recieved something in my email.  I don't know what the post office is doin.  They must just be throwing darts at a map, this is the journey that my package has taken:

New Jersey- Started

Whatever states are in between.

Columbus, Ohio - here, I'd seen that the address was wrong, and changed it.  Fed ex said, "okay."

My zip code.

Columbus, Ohio....it went to our oid address....  Despite that we we told them and they repeated it back.  Anyway, in the last email, it was "Forwarded."  We called Fedex and they said that it was in the hands of the USPS.  Okay.  We tried to contact the USPS, all they have are robots and a broken email service.  I went online to the little address changer and there was no need.  The address was fine.

I wasn't that mad at this point.  Just a miscommunication.  Happens.  It was my fault in the first place for not updating our address on the online store.

Then I see....Warrendale, PA (or something)

Another place in PA

Cincinnati, Ohio...

Then it was being ready for delivery in Cincinnati!

I tried calling.  Nothing.  Robots said it was good enough.  I tried emailing, and actually got it to work, only that takes 1-3 days.

Guys, Robots are running the post office.  But that can't be, robots are supposed to be perfect and proficient.

Throwin darts at a freakin map.

Cincinnati is past us.  My package went past us three times!

This morning, I get another email sayin that it's finally arrived at my local post office.  The expected delivery was today.  Still nothing.  Hopefully, my son's bedding set will be here tomorrow.

This is aggravating.  Shame Owl Delivery isn't a real thing at least for us Magik Folk!

However, good news--Fedex and UPS both did their jobs correctly, as I got what I said at the top.   I just gotta have faith that my spell's working.  At least I'm hearing from them now.  My package isn't lost. Although I may just curse the post office if my package is sent traveling the midwest again.

Alas, I was surprised to get something else in the mail today: the Blue Opal that I ordered for Nathan's blanket.  And it's beautiful!  I wasn't expecting that.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I just need one more thing, then his blanket will be finished.

lol, I forgot about this post.  Stupid pain killers.  So yeah, hopefully tomorrow, the bedding will be here and I can stop thinking about the post office and refocus on putting the boy's room together.

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