Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Did You Just say!

I shit you not, this baby, who only says "mama" "daddy" and "catch", just tried to say "piranha"!
I'm sitting here watching River Monsters and said, "Piranha" like that little girl does in Finding Nemo. Vin spits out his binkie and says, "ra-naa-na!"
What?!?! That's awesome.

Also he had his 1-year doctor appointment yesterday and 
his measurements are 20.6 lbs 27.7 inches.  We are making an appointment with a Physical Therapist tomorrow just to make sure that everything's okay.  Vin is trying more and more to stand, actually.  But he keeps pausing with that other leg--the one he drags.  

Hopefully nothing's wrong, if so he may just skipped crawling and go straight to standing.  He's certainly trying!

As for Lycan, he's got a rash on his torso.  Daddy thinks it's from our mattress, but i think it's from the laundry detergent.  Sometimes I get rashes (allegric reactions).  So we're going to try a couple of things.  It's itchy, he keeps digging at it.  I'm going to try some anti-itch cream advice from family to try and sooth him. 

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