Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oh, Snap! Another Milestone Is Coming Up!

We've just ordered Wolfman's toddler bed.  Ushering in a whole new era of potty training (which isn't going well right now) and fighting night nights are coming (naps are few and far between nowadays).  But everything's Paw Patrol, you know, make it exciting for him.  Hopefully things run smoother.  Hopefully.  However, I did catch him asleep in my bed on Thursday, which is big deal, because that kid would only sleep in in his car seat or in his crib (or other places when he was drop-dead exhausted, but only when exhausted!).

When the bed and all of that arrives, we're going to send him off to grandma's, so we can put it all together (bed, mattress protector, bedding, wall decals), then surprise him when he gets home.

Finally, the baby will also have a crib to sleep in, as he's been in the pack n play all this time.  Not only will it be a safer place to sleep for Warrior, but I'll also finally be able to use the bedding I bought for him.

With the kids away at Grandma's, I'll also be able to put some protective charms on their beds.

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