Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nearly Finished!

I just finished crocheting Nathan's blanket!  I've been working on it since April 10th.  I started on it while we were in West Virginia, visiting family.  It's my first major project, as I just started learning on January 30th, 2014.  I'm proud of it.  A little uneven, some tension problems, but I'm a beginner.  I have a feeling that Nathan loves it, regardless of the flaws.

It abruptly stops, because the yarn immediately changed from blue to pink, instead of slowly becoming white, so I stopped it there, symbolizing the abrupt end of my pregnancy (on the left side).  Not yet finished, as I'm going to add October's birthstone, and hopefully be able to find a "2011" charm.

For now, Nathan's blanket is sitting on the Ancestral Shrine, after I announced to him that I was done with his blanket.  It felt good holding it against my chest.  I think this blanket may be good for coping.

We'll see.

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