Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Musings

I thought that this was an interesting article, finding the spiritual and sacred in Mother's Day, a secular holiday.  Finding it in yourself as a Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, Sister, Caregiver, anyone who cares for another in a motherly fashion (males, yall have your day to ponder on).  

I think this is important, especially when you begin to feel downtrodden or unappreciated, think to the Motherly Goddesses and to the Ancestors.  You're no different than they are, on a parenting level, for the most part.  Maybe I'm over simplifying this idea, comparing yourself to Them (well to Deities), but I'm inspired, so i'm going to run with it.

As a Hearth Keeper, my duties are to my family and home.  I view that as sacred.  Most of what I do for them is a sacred task.  Becoming a mom, for me, was humbling and made me see my worth. 

There's an idea there that hasn't come to full fruition, so I'm not entirely sure how to put it into words.  I need to spend more time reflecting on it and it's relationship to me.  But let me post this, my initial reaction when I read the first paragraph of the article:

"I haven't read the article yet, just that first paragraph, but I never thought about giving a little something for the Maternal-like Goddesses in my life. Hestia has been like a step mother to me. She's my Matron, a mentor, a friend. Never has it occurred to me til now to do something special for Her on Mother's Day.
Then there's Mara and Tara who are Mother Goddesses, in some stories, Kuan Yin, too. Although I don't view Them as my spiritual mothers, like I do with Hestia. That's something to ponder on.
Hestia has been a spiritual step mother for me. My relationship with Her, has actually help me in understanding my relationship with my own child-less step mom. The two relationships are very different from each other, yet a little similar. I've learned to have more of an appreciation for my step mom, and that's largely due to working on this subject with my Matron. 
And respectively, working with Mother Earth has also taught me a lot about me and my mom. "

I'm still digesting the article and my thoughts concerning the Mother Goddesses and Ancestors.  Sorry that this post is disjointed and incomplete.  That's so annoying, when I want to write but the idea hasn't fully formed.  Hopefully I'll publish a follow up for this.  But I will keep thinking about it.  

In other news, since my Wolfman just ran up with fingers in mouth, is that he hasn't asked for a binkie or tried to take his brothers.  But lately he's been sucking on his blankie or his fingers.  I'm not worried about it, but I'm hoping that he grows out of it.  I used to have oral fixation, and gross, but I remember sucking on my toes at possibly 5 or 6-years-old (I also remember having a bottle around that age, too).  I always had a need for something in my mouth, like a pen cap or a random clean piece of plastic, but braces cured me of my oral fixation.  

I'm not worried about it, just wondering when or if he'll grow out of it. Actually, I am a little, concerning sores or something.  But we'll cross the bridge if it arrives.  

As for potty training?  Still no progress.  He just doesn't tell us when he has to poo or pee.  He comes after he soils his pull-ups.  Advice or tips?

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