Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Circle of Energy

Whoo, I had an overwhelming morning with my two boys.  The Warrior wouldn't stop crying (and had me up early!) and Wolfman wouldn't leave my bookshelf alone. I was at my wits end! We were just feeding off of each other's negative energy, stuck in a vicious cycle!
My usual methods of calming everybody down failed. I was just done. Not yet on the verge of tears, I think I may have been beyond that point actually.
I put Warrior down and waited until Wolfman was in the playroom. It wasn't quiet, but it was enough I could block them out for a couple of minutes. I took a breather, went to my shrines, and picked up my smudge stick. As I lit the sage, I repeated "Peace and clarity", and let the flames burn the sage a bit longer. I smudged myself, clearing myself of that stress and anxiety.
Then I gave offerings of dried lavender, dried basil, and sea salt to Hestia, lighting a candle, asking Her for peace and clarity. I felt immediately better and the boys also calmed down. Just a wave filled me. I noticed that they were happier, too.
Parenting can be very stressful, getting away from the little ones for meditation isn't always possible. On these overwhelming days, how do you calm yourself before a blow up?
Crying's okay, too. Crying can be very therapeutic!

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