Friday, April 17, 2015

Toys! Toys!! TOYS!!!

First off,

Wolfman walks in, wanting new "Train Tracks, Tow Truck, or Pirate" (his pull ups). I start changing, he starts whining. "Why you cryin?"
"Your butt hurts?"
"Nah, buddy, I ain't kissin that hot mess."

Silly boy.

We spent the weekend in West Virginia, visiting family, seeing some sights.  It was a good time, although my body rebelled with a migraine, some stomach problems (doesn't travel well), and a raging achey back.  We were supposed to go to Kentucky on Monday, nope, came home inside.  I'm glad for it.  We got back and apparently Wolfman picked up some good manners from my SIL's kids.  He now says "Thank you", "Sorry", and "Please".  We've been working with him for a while, but apparently, he needed to see other toddlers in action for it to sink in.  And sunk in it has.  The other day, he thanked us for getting him a Paw Patrol board book.  It's currently his favorite thing.

I love hanging out with my SIL's kid, Wolfman learns so many positive things from the interaction.  Shame we don't live closer!  Even the baby is being more active and vocal!  <3

Also, I thought that we had a freakish amount of toys.  I'm always donating the toys that aren't played with as much, but now I'm getting down to running out of such toys.  I felt bad about it because I don't want to spoil my kids with toys.  I would donate more as they grow out of the younger aged toys, but we also plan on having more children, at least 1-2 more.  This need to get rid of stuff is the strongest with their clothes.  Even though I want a daughter next, I have to keep these clothes in case we have another boy.

But then I had a lot of toys when I was a kid, they were my friends and I took really good care of them.  Sadden to see them get lost or broken.  I remember having a large cardboard box full of toys.  And other boxes in my closet, although not as large.  I kept them neat and organized.  I actually wasn't a clean freak as a kid.  My room was big and quite messy, but when it came time to clean them up, organization was key!  I was a bit anal about it, actually.

When we went to my SIL's, I thought that they had a modest amount of toys for their three kids.  But my son, if it has wheels, he'll find it.  Not to mention the mess that five kids can create, toy wise.  Yeah, I didn't feel so bad about the amount of toys that my two have when I saw how many the twins and Silus have.  Felt better.

My SIL's, financially, are a lot like us.  SAHM, one income, not exactly rolling in the money.  Except she's on WIC, whereas my husband makes a bit too much for us to qualify for it again.  Most of our kids toys come from holidays and birthday included.  I got money to spend on myself from my mom.  Where did some of that money go?  To my kids.  Never fails.  I almost always end up spending money I've saved on them.  Be it on toys, clothes, books, room decore, DVD's, just whatever, it usually goes to them.  I don't feel that I need anything.

I love toys, even as an adult.  I still have many of my own toys that I'm going to give to my boys when they're age appropriate.  I also love books, and board books are expensive!  Wolfman's getting better with paper pages, though.  But I'm such a freak about books, that I have a hard time seeing them--even board books--get bent or destroyed.  Irks me, but instead of scolding, I'm trying to be gentle and teach him how to handle books properly.  It's slowly sinking in.  Again, it's one of those lessons that he understands more when he sees other kids using and treating them well.  That and some of his books are Paw Patrol now, he loves Paw Patrol.  Treats all of his PP toys well.  Books, too!

I've actually donated a lot of my books, one because they just sit on a shelf and take up space, and two because I was tired of Wolfman tearing up my collection.  Now I just have a modest collection of my favorites...out of his reach.  But that height restriction won't last forever!

Yes, I'll still donate the toys that they don't play with that often, while keeping future kids in mind.  No, I'm not a crazy toy buyer, I don't want to spoil them...or myself.  I'm getting better, lol.  You think it's bad when a kid goes to the toy section, I'm just as bad, only in a different way.  Having to remind myself that they have enough toys for now, and that Vin's birthday is around the corner.  Although I did put on the invitations that we have a enough toys, that we'd prefer board books and clothes.  But you'll have those people who still buy toys.  Not the end of the world.  More donations!

I think the reason why it looks like a lot of toys, is due to the being large toys, like balls, stuffed animals, big mega block trucks and riding toys.  I can still keep them all under control.  It's never going to get to a point where I can't keep the play room organized.  I donate stuff every 3-6 months.  Hopefully, I can instill this type of charity in my kid too.  So that they'll look forward to gathering donations, instead of seeing it as punishment.

As for Warrior, for his birthday, we still need a few things like extra cups, plates, and wrapping paper, but overall, we have everything, except cake and the food.  But it's all planned out and we're ordering the cake tomorrow.  Things are coming together.  I'm excited and am happy about life in general.

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