Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monster Hunt

For one of Vin's birthday activities, I'm doing a Monster Hunt.  In an earlier post, I said how I was going to be making some toilet paper roll monsters and make them into garlands.  Well, I poo pooed that idea when we realized that there was a possibility of having his party outside.  I was just going to use them as random decorations, hanging about and peeking around corners.  Maybe have one in the bathroom, you know, stuff like that.  Well, now, I've decided to turn some of them loose, either around the yard or around the house, depending on the weather.  Some of the monsters will have treats in them and others won't.  Whoever collects the most will get the grand prize (or the Van Helsing Cup as hubby called it), then something for second and third place.

I have no idea what the grand prize is yet...depends on the RSVP's.

Here's the first batch of monsters.  Not quite complete, as I'm going to add pipe cleaner limbs to some of them.

Top row, third monster from the right, sitting on them all
is the one that Wolfman painted, then lost interest in order
to paint this masterpiece, he calls Y'Kee's Heart Boom Boom:

And if we don't get the kid turn out that we had at Wolfman's party (it's looking bleak), well, then the Monster Hunt would still be great for Halloween, too.  And these little guys will still be great for decorations.  But I can't wait until the kids are older and have their own friends...friends that I can count on to be their birthday parties, but practice makes perfect.

I also ordered Warror's cake today from Giant Eagle.  We went with a pull apart cupcake cake.  Figured that cupcakes are just easier and cleaner...maybe.  Basically, I gave them a napkin with our color scheme, told them it was a first birthday, and it was a fun, cute monsters theme.  So a bit of artistic freedom.  Who doesn't like making monsters?  Imperfection is perfection with Monsters...if Disney's Monsters has taught me anything anyway!

So that's where I'm at right now.  My mom's bringing the cheese and fruit tray, we're making some food.  I've got to make some more TP monsters, but other than that, most of the stuff for his birthday is taken care of.  Except their hair.  The boys definitely need to get their hair cut before Sunday!

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