Monday, April 6, 2015

It's Birthday Planning Time!

Oh, and what exhausting fun it'll be.  But I've ordered the party supply, an activity, and favors already.  I wanted something generic, mainly because Disney stuff can be expensive.  So I went with Unique Party Monster theme from Amazon.  It's not as vibrant as I initially wanted, but I plan on making other colorful decorations to go with it.

The party pack I order had an 8-count of plates, napkins, cups, and a table cover.  The activity is monster beach balls.  Hopefully it'll be nice enough outside on the 26th, that we'll be able to have the party outside and just release the balls and the children out into the yard.  If it's nice, I also want to get a bubble machine or something...may be blow your own bubbles.  Since we're getting the beach balls, I decided against balloons.  

As for the favors, Adopt Your Own Monster plushies will be available, just like the Adopt a Pup from Wolfman's birthday.  I was hoping to know how to use my sewing machine by now, so I could've made the stuffed monsters myself this round, but there'll be other birthdays and themed favors.  

As for other decorations, I bought googly eyes of various sizes around Halloween, so i can just stick those babies onto bowls, cups, beverage containers, and even the toothpicks for the food.  I've got different colored markers and paint for mouths and teeth.  For months I've been saving toilet paper rolls, so I can make monsters from them.  I was thinking, if I can wrangle the little monsters, to do a create your own monster activity, either with these rolls or with coloring sheets.  Or perhaps just let them color some sheets?  Honestly, the kids were crazy at Wolfman's party, I'd imagine it'll be the same chaos.

I've learned my lesson with the food and grubby little unclean hands with parents who don't give a crap.  This time, the food is going to be out of the reach of the kids.  As an adult, I'd hope someone will use the tongs and toothpicks provided since the food is supposed to be for everyone.  

As for food, I'll provide fruit/cheese/veggie tray.  A cake, chips, and maybe cookies; once again I don't want to have too much junk food or sweets.  But we'll see.  It's the 6th, I still have some time for food planning.  Right now, mommy's sleepy.  

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