Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Vin!

Sunday morning didn't star off so great, though.  I dropped my camera and broke it.  As a photographer, I'm not a afraid to admit that I cried.  But I got over it, realizing that these super mini computers have cameras, and my step mom let me borrow one of hers.  I got to work, setting up for Vin's big day.

Got the food coloring gel, didn't taste like dye at all.  
Just sugar cookies.  If I use it again, I'll add more, because I 
didn't realize that the color would fade when they baked.

 Giant Eagle Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake
I didn't want a copy of the napkin, didn't think that
they'd do that due to copyright that we didn't pay for,
but it served a purpose and tasted great.  :-)

Googly Eyes can turn anything into a monster!

Many people liked these, taste and decoration.

The turn out was way better than I thought it would be.  Only one kid who was old enough to walk about.  Darius turned one in February, so wasn't as fast as Wolfman, but he tried his best and still had a blast.  Those beach balls were a great idea.  Although no one adopted a monster...not even for their cats!  Whatever, got more parties in the future.

However it was nice enough that we had the party outside, but that wind was a tad chilly, so we kept the food inside.

As for the Smash Cake...

...there wasn't a whole lot of smashing.  It's funny, because these two boys are so opposite.  Lycan smashed his cake.  Vin did not.  Lycan hates getting messy.  Vin LOVES getting messy.  Lycan loves baths.  Vin HATES baths!  We thought Vin's cake session would be EPIC!!  Nope.  Might be like his dad, not a cake person.  Or maybe Cake Mess = Bath, and he heard us say the bad word?

Birthday's are a lot of work.  I can totally understand why some people go to places like Chuckie E. Cheese.  But there's just nothing personal about those kinds of parties.  Not saying that I won't opt for one in the future, just saying, I just don't think they're special.  But what really makes it special is if the kids enjoy themselves.  Mine definitely did.

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