Saturday, March 7, 2015

"You Shouldn't Name Your Kid That! They'll Never Succeed in Life!"

Ugh, Name Police drive me crazy!

"You're giving bullies a reason to target your child!"

Hello!  Bullies will find any reason to target another kid.  Any difference, from glasses to braces to shoes to the type of music they like.  Also...monkey see, monkey do.

Sometimes names are cultural, sometimes names are religious, sometimes odd or different names are just a family tradition.  The Tackett's (and various spellings) got some interesting names, let me tell ya: Pleasant, Silver, Spicey, Mariba, Minda, Greenville, Granville, Preacher, and Solomon to name a few in my bloodline.

I've realized that my son's name, Lycan, accidentally fell right into that tradition.  I'll admit, I wasn't too happy with it--husband chose it--but if I can't accept it, love it, how the hell is my son going to?  My husband picked it out because it spoke volumes of strength and power to him; plus I think very highly of werewolves.  Shoot, the name definitely suits him: born on a full moon, the Wolf Moon, and was very hairy.  He loves wolves all on his own.  Now this is probably just a toddler thing, but damn it, he acts a lot like a canine, too, we don't have pets.  Granted he does loves Paw Patrol, but still.

I want my son to be empowered by his name and have enough self esteem and confidence that some punk with issues, who's probably been taught by his parents that it's fine to make fun of weird names, isn't going to affect him.

Sometimes people have their reasons that don't concern you, Mr. and Mrs. Name Police, so calm it down.  Ain't your kid, ain't your problem.

Hopefully my child's happiness and success isn't dependent solely on his name.

People act like it's so bad to have to spell out their name every time.  Shoot, I have to with first and last name, maiden and married.  Plus, in some countries or cultures "Kristy" is male.  That's annoying, but name isn't the reason why my life isn't as successful as it could be.  My choices are.  

Plus, no one in my family can spell my freaking name.  Even if it's right there in Facebook blue, they either spell it with an "i" at the end or as "Christy".  That's not my name.  (It's a curse that I've passed onto my oldest son.)

Personally, I can't stand my name.  There's too many Kristi/Christy/Christi/Krissy/Christine/Chris/Kris's in the world.  It's annoying.  Same sounding, at least.  So what if I can't find "Kristy" on a key chain, someone says "Kristy" or "Kris" (Ugh, I hate that nickname, only my mom and brother can call me that), and a handful of women will look up like a herd of deer.  

It can be annoying, but it ain't the end of the world, either.

Among my friends, we were divided by letters, ABC, by size, height, or just by last names.  Annoying.  I doubt my kids are going to be cursed with that shit.  It's as bad a Jennifer, Ashley, Emily, or Sarah.  No.  Just no.  I don't want my kids to be referred as, "No, the Other ______".  I'm not a big fan of common names, but I'm not going to hate or make fun of someone who likes or has those names either.  

A person's more than their name.   When are these Name Snobs gonna see that?  

I was reading an article earlier, where some people seemed like they were making fun of their friend's names behind their backs.  So common name, how are you better and more successful than your uncommon friend?  They talking shit about you, too, behind your back?  But it must be okay, because you have a normal name and they don't.  Should've read the hate and ignorance some of those hens were spitting, it was pathetic.  I don't think it was just from an older generation.  

You know the great thing about names?  In some places, they can be changed.  Had a friend in high school name Chun (after her father, I think), pronounced it as "Trin".  She was Chinese and it was family tradition.  When she was of age and had the money she legally changed her name to "Trinity".  

If a bully is going to target you, it doesn't matter how common and proper your name is, they'll find other reasons.  Shamming people over names, get over yourselves.  

I will say that those who've made sexual jokes out of their children's names, those people need to be smacked.  

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