Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring is Almost Upon Us!

And I'm so excited!  I'm glad that winter has been a winter with it's cold and loads of snow.  It's been fun, cozy, and thankfully none of my family have gotten into accidents or have caught serious colds.  Thank the Gods and Spirits for that!

At the same time, I want warmth from outside.  I want to open up the windows, take my kids to the park, and start on my garden.  Now granted, Spring Equinox doesn't mean instant warmth, usually the warm weather doesn't hit until late April - May, generally.  Spring Equinox means that rain's coming.  Loads of it.  Storms and life.  It says, Warmth is coming!

It also means that it's time for Spring arts and crafts to do with the kids.  Which is another reason why I'm looking forward to warm weather, because I want the kids to be able to do many of these messy activities outside!

I need to get started on my art studio, because then I wouldn't mind us getting that room messy, especially on cold and rainy days!

I'd like to do daily spring-themed activities with the boys, but that all depends on energy and behaviors.  2-year-olds are unpredictable.  The activities will vary.  But even if I'm only able to do one or two with them this month, that's progress.  Because I don't really know how to go about it, growing up, the only arts and crafts we did at home were around Christmas.  My parents left seasonal crafts up to the school.  I'm not doing that.

  • Spring Theme Arts & Crafts:
    • Paint and/or color paper eggs and either put them up on the wall or hang them on a tree (made from a fallen tree branch).  
    • Color bunnies or flowers.
      • At first I was going to buy a coloring book since I don't have a printer.  Then I remembered that I know how to draw.  Not particularly well, but well enough for a toddler to scribble.  I pulled out large pieces of card stock and drew simple spring images on them in permanent marker.  I drew all over the canvas, too, so that most scribbles where going to get a picture.  
    • Feet paintings--Wolfman really enjoys painting with his feet.  
  • Egg Dyeing- We tried this last year, at my moms for Easter, and it was MESSY!  We knew it would be.  Instead of food coloring dye, I may try natural dyes instead.  But yeah, that experience last year, I know to use the tarp this year.  lol  Or we'll let Lycan do that activity with his grandparents, and we'll decorate hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs.
  • Read a story or a poem-  We did this last year.  I'm slowly building a Pagan Kids library, so i'm always on the hunt for Pagan, Witch, and Nature themed children's books.  In the House of Mama Stacey, the author is actually doing a book raffle until March 9th, I think.  It's in the link. Here are other links to books and stories having to do with Ostara and Spring. On Facebook, Ancient Amber is having a giveaway of The Sunchildren: Celebrating the Spring Equinox on March 3rd.
  • Hide plastic eggs with age-appropriate treats-  Or even hide one chocolate egg, as seen on Peppa Pig (Wolfman loves that show). I'd like to get them Little People animals, hopefully find plastic eggs large enough for each animal, because I think animals are appropriate for Spring.  Plus the toy set in particular has animals that we can associate with each sabbat.   The one left is the Llama, and I don't know what sabbat it could be associated with, except just to lump em with spring and birth.  Their totem meanings aren't any help.
    • Spring Equinox- Bunny
    • May Day- Duckling
    • Summer Solstice- Donkey/Horse
    • First Harvest-  Llama (you know "Lammas"?  j/k), Cow 
    • Fall Equinox- Pig
    • Ancestor's Day- Black Sheep
    • Last Harvest- Turkey
    • Winter Solstice- Goat
  • Give Offerings- Yup, this year the boys--well, probably not the baby since he's putting everything into his mouth right now--are going to help mommy give offerings to wildlife.  
  • Plant a Marigold- Around this time, in my elementary school, we'd plant our own marigolds and take care of them.  Then around Mother's Day--I believe--we'd take the flower home for Mother's Day.  I think that would be a wonderful activity for my son to do, and a lovely gift for my mom, step mom, and MIL to receive from their grandson. 
    • I'm going to have them paint a small pot, too.  

What sorts of activities or traditions are you planning/doing to welcome spring?

(My Spring Equinox Pinterest Board and for Spring Arts and Crafts.)

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