Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy 76th!

Today is my Gram's birthday.  I celebrated with a shot of moonshine--despite that I detest that stuff, but grandma loved it.  No joke she always had a mason jar of it in her purse, straight from West Virginia!  So I set up a candle surrounded by rosemary with one of her shirt pins and a double shot for her!

I contacted her with the pendulum and we talked.  She appreciated the moonshine :-).  I've decided that it's going to be my offering to her on the 11th of March, every year!  I'll even do a shot...  I sang her the birthday song.  Then I asked about The First.  He's still happy and in the care of our Ancestors.  I asked if he had a name and if he wanted one.  Then I asked if he liked 'Nathan'.  He did.  Nathan is his name.

Happy Birthday, Grandma, hope you're having quite the bash on the other side!  Love ya!

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