Thursday, March 19, 2015

But More Important Matters....

Warrior's a preemie.  Born at 34 weeks.  It was a natural, spontaneous breaking of my water.  I honestly think it was due to the stresses of having a suicidal toddler, but who really knows?  Vin was in the NICU for eight days and now it's nearly 1-years-old, which is awesome.

Some Preemie's are delayed in their development.  Mentally, Vin is probably normal.  Physically, as at least compared to his brother (I know I shouldn't be comparing babies), he's delayed.  By 10 months, I believe Wolfman was already crawling and standing, whereas Warrior is still pulling himself along the floor.

We were a little worried, trying to keep in mind:

  1. He's not his brother.
  2. Babies develop at different times.
  3. Preemie's tend to lag.

As of this week, he's been trying to crawl.  And he's taken an interest in trying to stand, too.  However, something is concerning us.  It's something that I've been keeping an eye on.  Warrior doesn't like to put weight on his right leg.  He'll kick with it and other things, but if you try to get him to stand up, he cries, throws a fit, and doesn't want to do it.  Also, he used to love his standing toys--his bouncy entertainment einstein toy thing and his walker.  But lately, he just cries.  He cries and doesn't let his feet touch the ground.  It's got us a little worried.  A RN friend of mine said that sometimes babies do that when they're in pain.  He also doesn't push off with his right leg when scooting around on the floor.  

This is a concern that I'm going to bring up at his next doctor's appointment in April.  We were thinking about scheduling one sooner, but we're waiting to see if it gets better.  We'll see.  

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