Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Blessed Weekend!

I'm exhausted and we still have a couple more activities planned for today.  Whose idea was this?  Oh, yea, mine.  I so definitely have an appreciation for all of the work that my parents put into making holidays and birthdays fun and memorable when I was a kid!  It's hard work, but so very worth it!

On Friday, I cleaned, planted the marigolds, cut up the coloring pages for the grandparents.  I wasn't able to do my solitary ritual, but that was fine because I ended up going to a public ritual with a friend.

Oh, plus I made the carrot cake:

My first carrot and bunny cake.  I'm no Duff Goldman, but I think it turned out great!
Next year, I going to make a brown bunny and probably a butt, for humor.

Saturday, I got up bright and early and made the Irish Lamb Stew (which was DIVINE!) and salad, and my husband made the bread and hard boiled eggs for the salad.  It was a yummy, filling meal!

The boys got a visit from the March Hare and Easter Grandma!--er--Bunny!
(the pails are from us and the baskets are from my mom)

Went outside for the egg hunt, which was a blast.  I wish I had more plastic eggs for the boys to find.

The boy's first egg hunt was a total success!

With everyone full on great food and all tuckered out from the fun and festivities, the boys napped, my mom went home, and my tired butt was off to The Magical Druid with my friend to attend my first ever public ritual.

I was so tired and those nervous jitters were trying to talk me into chickening out, but going with Christa made it easier.  I'm glad we went.  I was exhausted, but upon entering the shop, I was rejuvenated!

The shop already has a lot of great energy, then you get a bunch of Pagans and Witches in there and the energy was almost overwhelming!  Even for Christa, who's a grounder of energy.  Normally, she can't feel it, because she kind of acts like a ...well...a grounder.  She neutralizes energy around her, puts it back into the ground.  Although either she's starting to learn how to control that or something else, but even she felt it.  She's the one who said it was overwhelming (she's been in group rituals before).

Even as a solitary, I'm able to create some energy, but a group setting is a wonderful thing!  I feel like an addict!  It would've been difficult not feeling that joy.  Luckily, the group, The Columbus Sanctuary, typically has public rituals for local Non-Abrahamics/Magik Users to attend if they wish, or so I understood.  I definitely plan on going to more.  AND bringing an offering!  Now I know.  I gave offerings when I got home, but next time and every time after I'll be sure to having something for the Spirits and Deities.

I'm trying to meet local N-A/MU's, so going to these meetings is a must.  There's so much that the online communities can't offer, and I'm at the point in my life, where I want to interact with people outside of the internet (especially those with families).  I'm still shy and anxious, but I'm trying.  Motivation is my key word and goal this year.  Luckily, I'm not doing it by myself.  Christa's with me, too.

The man who was leading the ritual--and I believe also owns the shop--he was charismatic, funny, and felt like an all-around good guy.

I've been learning and practicing for 20+ years, but even in the presence of these leaders, I feel humbled and even ignorant.  I want that community, I want to be able to talk with and be in the presence of others who know more than me, who can help me answer questions, especially in regards to the enigmatic Deities and Spirits.  I want to hang out with others!  I need more friends.

I don't really do the rituals that I use to, but in a group setting, it's awesome.  I'd already planned on bringing them back when I start teaching the boys.

When the ritual ended, there was a potluck and Christa bought me a lovely Kuan Yin necklace!  Such a beautiful gift!  A beautiful, meaningful gift!  When I picked the necklace up, I immediately felt warmth, kindness, and joy.  Kuan Yin was present.  Christa immediately said that she was getting it for me.  I'm so grateful and blessed!

This whole weekend was a joy!  Blessed Equinox and Happy Ostara, yall!  I hope yall's weekend was just as beautiful!


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