Saturday, March 28, 2015

Birthday and Yarn

Today's my 31st Birthday and so far it's very meh.  But then my birthday's usually are.  Just another day.  My mind's mainly on planning Warrior's first birthday, which in in about a month.  I could care less about mine.

I did go and buy lots of yarn.  Yarn for a throw that I'm making for my mom as a combined birthday and mother's day gift.  Hopefully it'll be done by mother's day anyway.  It's going to be in colors of beige, purples, and teals.  I'm not very great with colors, even as an artist, my work is mainly in shades of grey, because I just don't know what colors go with what and I even took a color class at university!

I also got yarn of pink and blue for Nathan's memorial blanket.  I think I'm going to get a charm of October's stone and sew it on the blanket with his name, too.  I'm just so eager to get started on it, but I'm the type that has problems with finishing projects, due to boredom, but I must finish my mom's throw before starting on the Nathan's blanket.  Unfortunately, I'm already bored with it, which is why I bought more colors.

In other news, the marigold I planted with Wolfman for mother's day are growing nicely.  I had to regrow two of the four, apparently some of the seeds were duds.  But they're doing well.

So that's what's going on in my neck of the woods right now.  Nothing too spectacular.  I've been trying to get to a local Pagan shop called The Magical Druid all week just to get something for myself without any luck.  It's my birthday, I should be able to go at least today, yeah?  We'll see.  I've extended the invite to my BFF and still nothing.  Le sigh.  I don't want a party, cake, or restaurant food, I just want to go to The Magical Druid.  Funny.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inconsiderate, Non-Thinkers

A Parenting Pet Peeve of mine is when you're invited over to someone house and they don't think to tell you that they have a cold before you come over.  No heads up.  Nothing.  This is already a dick move when you don't have kids.  It's even worse when ya do.

If I feel the slightest inkling of a cold or allergies coming on, I don't go around other people kids, especially young children.  How hard is it to extend that politeness to other people?  Not to mention, the last time we were around one of these people, my little Warrior almost died.  He was a preemie.  They are susceptible to these kinds of things!

We just went over to my dad's house today for his birthday, only to find that my step mom is sick.  She's claims it's allergies.  I don't care, I don't want to take that risk.  It's rude.  It's not rocket science either.  It's more of 'I want' than 'what's best'.

Lately, I've been really drawn to Kuan Yin.  She's already in my life.  I already have a beautiful shrine built for Her.  But the last time I felt this pull, Vin caught 2 virus' and almost died.

I may ask Her.  I really hope nothing awful is coming.  Life is going so great for us right now.

Monday, March 23, 2015

I Taught My Son About a Flower's Lifespan

Wolfman saw the marigold pots sitting in the window this morning and was wondering where the flowers were.  So I told him:

The pots are pregnant with the seeds, like how mommy was with his little brother.  The seeds we planted are being fed by the water and the sunlight, kept warm and safe by the dirt.  The flower will be born when green is seen poking up through the dirt.  Like him, the flower will become a baby, a toddler, a kid, a teen, and then finally when it blooms, an adult.  Then it'll get old and eventually return to the earth.  Next year, the process will start all over again.  Life reborn from the seeds planted.  Fed by the water and sun, kept warm and safe by the dirt.

I don't know how much of that he understood, but he sure did listen.  Said it was a "bebe" still.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Blessed Weekend!

I'm exhausted and we still have a couple more activities planned for today.  Whose idea was this?  Oh, yea, mine.  I so definitely have an appreciation for all of the work that my parents put into making holidays and birthdays fun and memorable when I was a kid!  It's hard work, but so very worth it!

On Friday, I cleaned, planted the marigolds, cut up the coloring pages for the grandparents.  I wasn't able to do my solitary ritual, but that was fine because I ended up going to a public ritual with a friend.

Oh, plus I made the carrot cake:

My first carrot and bunny cake.  I'm no Duff Goldman, but I think it turned out great!
Next year, I going to make a brown bunny and probably a butt, for humor.

Saturday, I got up bright and early and made the Irish Lamb Stew (which was DIVINE!) and salad, and my husband made the bread and hard boiled eggs for the salad.  It was a yummy, filling meal!

The boys got a visit from the March Hare and Easter Grandma!--er--Bunny!
(the pails are from us and the baskets are from my mom)

Went outside for the egg hunt, which was a blast.  I wish I had more plastic eggs for the boys to find.

The boy's first egg hunt was a total success!

With everyone full on great food and all tuckered out from the fun and festivities, the boys napped, my mom went home, and my tired butt was off to The Magical Druid with my friend to attend my first ever public ritual.

I was so tired and those nervous jitters were trying to talk me into chickening out, but going with Christa made it easier.  I'm glad we went.  I was exhausted, but upon entering the shop, I was rejuvenated!

The shop already has a lot of great energy, then you get a bunch of Pagans and Witches in there and the energy was almost overwhelming!  Even for Christa, who's a grounder of energy.  Normally, she can't feel it, because she kind of acts like a ...well...a grounder.  She neutralizes energy around her, puts it back into the ground.  Although either she's starting to learn how to control that or something else, but even she felt it.  She's the one who said it was overwhelming (she's been in group rituals before).

Even as a solitary, I'm able to create some energy, but a group setting is a wonderful thing!  I feel like an addict!  It would've been difficult not feeling that joy.  Luckily, the group, The Columbus Sanctuary, typically has public rituals for local Non-Abrahamics/Magik Users to attend if they wish, or so I understood.  I definitely plan on going to more.  AND bringing an offering!  Now I know.  I gave offerings when I got home, but next time and every time after I'll be sure to having something for the Spirits and Deities.

I'm trying to meet local N-A/MU's, so going to these meetings is a must.  There's so much that the online communities can't offer, and I'm at the point in my life, where I want to interact with people outside of the internet (especially those with families).  I'm still shy and anxious, but I'm trying.  Motivation is my key word and goal this year.  Luckily, I'm not doing it by myself.  Christa's with me, too.

The man who was leading the ritual--and I believe also owns the shop--he was charismatic, funny, and felt like an all-around good guy.

I've been learning and practicing for 20+ years, but even in the presence of these leaders, I feel humbled and even ignorant.  I want that community, I want to be able to talk with and be in the presence of others who know more than me, who can help me answer questions, especially in regards to the enigmatic Deities and Spirits.  I want to hang out with others!  I need more friends.

I don't really do the rituals that I use to, but in a group setting, it's awesome.  I'd already planned on bringing them back when I start teaching the boys.

When the ritual ended, there was a potluck and Christa bought me a lovely Kuan Yin necklace!  Such a beautiful gift!  A beautiful, meaningful gift!  When I picked the necklace up, I immediately felt warmth, kindness, and joy.  Kuan Yin was present.  Christa immediately said that she was getting it for me.  I'm so grateful and blessed!

This whole weekend was a joy!  Blessed Equinox and Happy Ostara, yall!  I hope yall's weekend was just as beautiful!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

But More Important Matters....

Warrior's a preemie.  Born at 34 weeks.  It was a natural, spontaneous breaking of my water.  I honestly think it was due to the stresses of having a suicidal toddler, but who really knows?  Vin was in the NICU for eight days and now it's nearly 1-years-old, which is awesome.

Some Preemie's are delayed in their development.  Mentally, Vin is probably normal.  Physically, as at least compared to his brother (I know I shouldn't be comparing babies), he's delayed.  By 10 months, I believe Wolfman was already crawling and standing, whereas Warrior is still pulling himself along the floor.

We were a little worried, trying to keep in mind:

  1. He's not his brother.
  2. Babies develop at different times.
  3. Preemie's tend to lag.

As of this week, he's been trying to crawl.  And he's taken an interest in trying to stand, too.  However, something is concerning us.  It's something that I've been keeping an eye on.  Warrior doesn't like to put weight on his right leg.  He'll kick with it and other things, but if you try to get him to stand up, he cries, throws a fit, and doesn't want to do it.  Also, he used to love his standing toys--his bouncy entertainment einstein toy thing and his walker.  But lately, he just cries.  He cries and doesn't let his feet touch the ground.  It's got us a little worried.  A RN friend of mine said that sometimes babies do that when they're in pain.  He also doesn't push off with his right leg when scooting around on the floor.  

This is a concern that I'm going to bring up at his next doctor's appointment in April.  We were thinking about scheduling one sooner, but we're waiting to see if it gets better.  We'll see.  

I Think I Found the One Person Who's Going to Force Me Off of Facebook

Ugh, first off, who the hell taught my dad how to Facebook?  On every freakin post I make, he has to comment with something corny, embarrassing, or awkward.  Every freaking post!  I just want to tell shut up and stop typing, that he doesn't need to comment on every fucking post, especially with the exact same mushy phrase!  I don't feel that I can post as much about anything that I really care about without him saying something that completely misses the point!  Or makes it all about him!

He's a good grandfather (most of the time), but he wasn't always a good father, and I'm getting tired of him trying to look like he's good dad.  Shoot, I'm nervous in even writing about him just in case he knows about my blogs!

There are some things that aren't any of his business (and I have a right to vent and get these emotions and concerns out, right?!)

For exmaple, this:

I posted this article from Scary Mommy about why more people don't talk about miscarriages.  One of my friends shared her story, and I was about to share mine, then realized that my dad would see it and say something mushy and corny, acting like a good father....  so I just PMed my friend instead.  (She suggested that I make him an Acquaintance, and I'm thinking about it; he's embarrassing.  It just feels like a fucking show to me.)

When I first found out about losing Nathan in 2011, we only told those who we had initially told about the pregnancy.  I kept it secret from everyone else, except on my blogs.  It was easier telling strangers and readers than people I knew.  I'm not particularly popular in the web, so only a handful of people would read it.  No one I knew.  It was easier communicating and receiving comments from them.  They don't know me, I felt that they were genuine.

Not telling those I knew, it wasn't out of shame.  But fear...I suppose.  I didn't want to face stupid, rude or "helpful" comments that are apparently the norm with other families who've experienced loss.  The kind that make a grieving person want to punch someone in the face.  I didn't want pity.  I didn't even want compassion.  I started on a downward spiral, by posting hateful things in order to gain hatred.  I wanted people to hate and loath me, because I hated myself.  I felt that I deserved it.

Eventually, all that changed.  I came out of it okay.  I also started to tell friends about it.   It's like when I talk about the child abuse I endured, it's not for attention, it's to let others who may have gone through it that they're not alone.  That you can lead a somewhat normal life and not repeat the cycle.  There's a light at the end of the have to fight to get there, but it's there.  You are not alone.  Taboos and secrecy solve nothing.  It's okay to talk about these things...  That's why I do.  To help it be okay to do so.  To encourage others to express this loss in any way that they feel is right; to not keep it bottled inside.

My mom found out about the miscarriage accidentally when she accompanied us to Wolfman's gender ultrasound.  I wasn't ready to tell her then, but she found out.  For a moment, I panicked, but she didn't make a big deal out of it.

I didn't tell her because we don't connect emotionally.  She doesn't listen to my problems, but instead turns things back on me.  It's my fault.  Even though I knew that the miscarriage wasn't my fault, I didn't want to risk hearing her saying it.  She never did.  Which is a huge relief and weight off of my shoulders.  Yet it's nothing that I can go to her about, because she might just be one of those people to asked why I'm not over it... But then she had an abortion between my brother and me, and was emotionally connected to it.  But...I've never really been able to connect with her...I understand why sometimes she's like that, but it sucks.  A hurt child should be able to talk to their parent about their problems and not be judged for it.  Ya know?

Not all of my family know, but I'm not hiding it either.  No one comments on anything, except friends who've experienced miscarriages and infant loss.  Or are just compassionate people.  I think my first breakthrough was when I made a memorial ornament for Nathan this past Winter Solstice.  It was Facebook Public (only to my friend's list).  No one commented, but it's out there.  Honestly, I don't want "oh, I'm so sorry" or "how sad" or any of those comments.  They just feel....empty and an obligation.  I dunno, I have a problem with accepting compassion and kindness from other people.  I'm so used to being lied to and being around fake people that I can't always tell when someone's being sincere.  So I'd rather not deal with it, I guess...

Going back to the article and why I didn't publicly respond...I just don't feel that my dad deserves to know.  This is my pain, my loss; I don't want to share it with him.  I don't want that connection with him.

(Thought about it, done.  I almost went off on him and his stupid comments on Facebook.  Instead, I did the mature thing, according to this and the other Aries who suggested it, and just moved his ass to Acquaintance.)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tricky Kid...

I'm sitting here, trying to think of a gift for Warrior's birthday, and I don't really have any ideas.  By the time of Wolfman's first birthday, we knew what he was into: books, cats, TMNT, and vehicles.  It made it easy to figure out a theme, too.

Warrior is into his brother.  Warrior is all about Wolfman (and mommy.  He's totally a mama's boy, whereas, Wolfman is all about daddy).  He likes books; of course, we're getting him a book.  He doesn't have any favorite things, yet....  I think we may just get him an outdoor toy that they can share.  Maybe a slide or something?

Although he likes balls and is very observant....

By the way, the "turkey" in the Little People Farm Animal set, isn't.  It's a Rooster.  But it still looks like turkey to me from the front!

Death and Kids

No one's died...that I'm aware of right now, but I was thinking about my great grandmother the other day.  Usually when I do Spirit Work, I always ask to see if she's around.  She never is.  She's in her afterlife, possibly moved on to her next life.  I'd love to communicate with her again.  My earliest memories are of her and they're some of my favorites.

Checkers.  We always played checkers together.

Blueberry tea with milk and honey always bring up memories of her.  Of visiting her house, picking blueberries, cooking them in cream and honey--it was such a special treat!

When I was a teenager, my cousin and I ran into some vicious elementals and it was her voice that guided us out of the woods.

She's had a strong impact on my life, spiritually.  I didn't know a whole lot about her, I was very young when she died.  I remember going to her funeral and seeing great grandma asleep in a weird bed.  I didn't understand why we were all there, while she was trying to sleep, or what the place was, it wasn't her house.  Everyone was sad.  My parents told me she was dead, but I didn't understand.  But noticed that we stopped going to her house.  Stopped playing checkers.  Stopped picking blueberries and making cream.

I had a book with a kitten on the cover, who had a bowl of blueberries and cream (The Good Ole Days by Dave Werner, it's a Golden Book.  I wish I knew whether or not I still owned it...  I just want to read the story and see the illustrations one more time).  It was my favorite book because it reminded me of great grandma Minda/y.  I didn't understand it until I was older.  I had gone to other funerals, but I didn't know those adults, but it didn't have an impact.

I got to thinking about our kids and how to handle death.  Be honest, of course.  But also try to help them understand.  Obviously at a certain age, they're not going to understand, but I wish someone had tried with me.  But then would they have been successful?  That's the sucky thing about being an adult, I've forgotten what it's like to be a child and to have that innocence.  And a child's understanding.

When grandma Hester died in September last year, even though my husband wanted to come and give his respects, it just wasn't appropriate for our children to be present.  They're far too young.

My dad had a series of seizures a couple weeks ago.  It got me thinking about my kids and death.  Right now, Lycan loves his grandparents, but I don't know that he knows them...does that make sense?  Like he doesn't tell us that he misses them.  He knows them, in terms of seeing them, he gets excited...but if they disappeared from his life right now, I don't know that he'd notice.  He's not at the age right now.  As for Vin, he's 10-months-old.

Right now, like with Grandma Hester, it just wouldn't be appropriate, especially if Lycan were to see Grandpa "sleeping" in the box.  He wouldn't understand and would want to try to wake him up, like I had been tempted to do with my great grandmother.  I thought she was just asleep and was missing a family gathering.  Someone needed to wake her up.

It's just not appropriate.

I don't know that I would take my kids to a funeral unless they wanted to go.

For me, and I will explain my beliefs to our kids, when the body dies, the soul leaves.  That person's no longer there.  It's just an empty shell.  That body is not my Ancestor.  My Ancestor is standing next to me.  I feel no connection at all when I go to funerals.  I don't cry.  I'm not sad.  I try to be there for family, while fighting off the fact that I'm being bombarded by others emotions (effin hate being an empath).  It's just awkward.  But I go to console my family.  I go for my Ancestors, too.  But I don't have a need to go.  I never want to go for my own sake.  For my own closure.  It's just a body.

I mourn and grieve in my own way.  I add their photo to the Ancestral Shrine.  I light candles.  Make contact.  Give offerings. They're not gone until they choose to be.

I don't necessarily hate going to wakes or funerals, because of the family atmosphere.  No matter our dramas, the family is there for a purpose.  For a moment, they're able to love each other.  To bond.  To remember the good things, what families' for.  It's a sorrowful beauty.  Delicate.  Yet strong.

I dunno.  We're going to share with our kids what we believe happens when someone dies, then allow them to formulate their own ideas and beliefs.  I'll let them decide if they want to attend.  They should have their own way of mourning and saying see ya later, not just go out of obligation or expectation.  Especially if they turn out to be Empaths like mommy and daddy.  I don't want to be essentially be under attack by the sadness, ya know?

It's a subject to think theorize about...  I what would I do...we're going to find ourselves in this position eventually.  How will we handle it?  Guess we'll see when the time comes.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quite the Equinox Planned This Weekend

The Equinox is planned out:

  • Friday, 20th: 
    • Morning Ritual and Giving of Offerings
    • Potty Training Begins (not necessarily spring related, but might as well use those 'new beginning' energies) 
    • Planting the Marigolds
    • Bedtime Reading of Spring/Equinox Books
    • Cleaning
  • Saturday, 21st: 
    • Egg Hunt!
    • 2 pm - Spring Lunch with mom: Salad of Spinach, Kale, Almond, Hard Boiled Eggs; and whatever dish my mom brings.
    • 5 pm - Attending a public Equinox Ritual with a friend.
    • Dinner of Irish Lamb Stew, Homemade Cracked Wheat Bread, and Carrot Cake, with my friend and family.  
  • Sunday, 22nd: 
    • Celebrating Dad/My Birthday.  My birthday falls on the 28th, but we usually do ours together (the following weekend, me [28th], my mom [28th], and uncle [29th] are all doing ours together).
    • Weather permitting, a Nature Hike at my favorite park.

It's going to be a busy, fun weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Very Touching

I lost it when I read the article and watched the video.  I'm still and will probably always be sensitive to this subject of (Miscarriage and) Infant Loss.  This charity helps families by taking precious photographs of their babies near and after death. 

I posted this on my FB page, addressing the photographers that I know if they were interested in helping the organization out.  Yes, I'm also a photographer and I'd love to help, but it hits too close to home for me.  Perhaps in a few years, however I may look into the other ways to volunteer on their website.

"[...]  It's gonna be okay.  It gives people hope to know that you're allowed to love that baby just as much as your other babies [...]." ~ Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

I immediately thought about Nathan.  About how when asked how many kids I have, I answer with three boys: Nathan, Lycan, and Vincent.  I miss Nathan everyday.  I know he's safe and happy with my grandmothers.  I know it's not my fault.  I don't dwell on what could have been...I know that if it had been a full-term pregnancy, we wouldn't have Lycan.  

It's a double edged blade, that thought.  

But I know it's okay to acknowledge him, to miss him, to include and love him just as much as his brothers.  

I just remembered on Christmas day, I caught a Spirit Orb in two images.  I'm highly skeptical of orbs, but even with my training I wasn't fully able to debunk it.  Even with the opinion of some photographer friends, they admitted that it was possible. But with doubt, I don't like to say that it's paranormal when it very well may not be.  I guess I could always ask the Ancestors.  But I wonder if it's Nathan?  It was a family photo after all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy 76th!

Today is my Gram's birthday.  I celebrated with a shot of moonshine--despite that I detest that stuff, but grandma loved it.  No joke she always had a mason jar of it in her purse, straight from West Virginia!  So I set up a candle surrounded by rosemary with one of her shirt pins and a double shot for her!

I contacted her with the pendulum and we talked.  She appreciated the moonshine :-).  I've decided that it's going to be my offering to her on the 11th of March, every year!  I'll even do a shot...  I sang her the birthday song.  Then I asked about The First.  He's still happy and in the care of our Ancestors.  I asked if he had a name and if he wanted one.  Then I asked if he liked 'Nathan'.  He did.  Nathan is his name.

Happy Birthday, Grandma, hope you're having quite the bash on the other side!  Love ya!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Breathe It In

It's nice here in Ohio today!  50F!  Snow's melting, birds are chirping, my allergies are acting up, it's muddy outside, and smells like fresh snow.  I turned down the heat and opened up the windows to get some fresh air flowing through the house.  Then Wolfman looks outside and starts talking excitedly about playing with the eagles!

Eagles?  Must've been something on Nick Jr. or one of his books....or maybe he's been playing with a Spirit?  An Unseen Friend?  Either way, he's looking forward to playing with them.  :-)

Guess What I'll Be Reading to My Boys on the Equinox?

 The Sunchildren: Celebrating the Spring Equinox!  That's right, I won a copy of Ancient Amber's book.  I didn't believe it at first, because I never win anything, let alone a free children's book online.  Say what?!  Not only did I hover over my name, but I also had to click it to make sure it was actually the me, Kristy Wren.

There is a first time for everything.  :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Spring's in the air, and I'm already rethinking Warrior's birthday theme.  Originally, I was going to go with Monsters because it's cute, fun, brightly colored, and I can make a bunch of monsters and not have to worry about making them absolutely perfect.

But Spring's in the air and May Day is around the corner from April 26th!  Now I'm thinking about a Magical Woodland!  But another part of me wants to wait until the kids are older so they can enjoy more activities.

Either way, I'm hoping that the weather on the 26th will be nice.  I'd like to celebrate Warrior's birthday outside in the big ole yard.

Hubby votes monsters.  I'm undecided.  So I took the vote to Facebook.  It's funny, the Witches and Pagans--who've voted--are going for Magical Woodland, while everyone else are voting Monster.  And it's tied.  So far.  

I'll probably stay with Monsters....seems better for budget.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"You Shouldn't Name Your Kid That! They'll Never Succeed in Life!"

Ugh, Name Police drive me crazy!

"You're giving bullies a reason to target your child!"

Hello!  Bullies will find any reason to target another kid.  Any difference, from glasses to braces to shoes to the type of music they like.  Also...monkey see, monkey do.

Sometimes names are cultural, sometimes names are religious, sometimes odd or different names are just a family tradition.  The Tackett's (and various spellings) got some interesting names, let me tell ya: Pleasant, Silver, Spicey, Mariba, Minda, Greenville, Granville, Preacher, and Solomon to name a few in my bloodline.

I've realized that my son's name, Lycan, accidentally fell right into that tradition.  I'll admit, I wasn't too happy with it--husband chose it--but if I can't accept it, love it, how the hell is my son going to?  My husband picked it out because it spoke volumes of strength and power to him; plus I think very highly of werewolves.  Shoot, the name definitely suits him: born on a full moon, the Wolf Moon, and was very hairy.  He loves wolves all on his own.  Now this is probably just a toddler thing, but damn it, he acts a lot like a canine, too, we don't have pets.  Granted he does loves Paw Patrol, but still.

I want my son to be empowered by his name and have enough self esteem and confidence that some punk with issues, who's probably been taught by his parents that it's fine to make fun of weird names, isn't going to affect him.

Sometimes people have their reasons that don't concern you, Mr. and Mrs. Name Police, so calm it down.  Ain't your kid, ain't your problem.

Hopefully my child's happiness and success isn't dependent solely on his name.

People act like it's so bad to have to spell out their name every time.  Shoot, I have to with first and last name, maiden and married.  Plus, in some countries or cultures "Kristy" is male.  That's annoying, but name isn't the reason why my life isn't as successful as it could be.  My choices are.  

Plus, no one in my family can spell my freaking name.  Even if it's right there in Facebook blue, they either spell it with an "i" at the end or as "Christy".  That's not my name.  (It's a curse that I've passed onto my oldest son.)

Personally, I can't stand my name.  There's too many Kristi/Christy/Christi/Krissy/Christine/Chris/Kris's in the world.  It's annoying.  Same sounding, at least.  So what if I can't find "Kristy" on a key chain, someone says "Kristy" or "Kris" (Ugh, I hate that nickname, only my mom and brother can call me that), and a handful of women will look up like a herd of deer.  

It can be annoying, but it ain't the end of the world, either.

Among my friends, we were divided by letters, ABC, by size, height, or just by last names.  Annoying.  I doubt my kids are going to be cursed with that shit.  It's as bad a Jennifer, Ashley, Emily, or Sarah.  No.  Just no.  I don't want my kids to be referred as, "No, the Other ______".  I'm not a big fan of common names, but I'm not going to hate or make fun of someone who likes or has those names either.  

A person's more than their name.   When are these Name Snobs gonna see that?  

I was reading an article earlier, where some people seemed like they were making fun of their friend's names behind their backs.  So common name, how are you better and more successful than your uncommon friend?  They talking shit about you, too, behind your back?  But it must be okay, because you have a normal name and they don't.  Should've read the hate and ignorance some of those hens were spitting, it was pathetic.  I don't think it was just from an older generation.  

You know the great thing about names?  In some places, they can be changed.  Had a friend in high school name Chun (after her father, I think), pronounced it as "Trin".  She was Chinese and it was family tradition.  When she was of age and had the money she legally changed her name to "Trinity".  

If a bully is going to target you, it doesn't matter how common and proper your name is, they'll find other reasons.  Shamming people over names, get over yourselves.  

I will say that those who've made sexual jokes out of their children's names, those people need to be smacked.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

A WTF?!?! Dream

I had a disturbing dream yesterday that will haunt me every night before I fall asleep now, I feel.  It was super realistic, too!

I fell asleep and died peacefully.  As a Spirit, I saw my husband get up, go through his morning routine, and leave for work.  The kids started to cry and cry and cry.  They cried for hours.  My body was dead.  My Spirit standing there, not knowing what to do.  I knew that I had to get a message to my husband somehow, but I didn't know how to, or how to even find him.

Lycan climbed out of his crib and really hurt himself when he fell.  He walked to his closed door, pounding on it, crying and screaming for me.

I couldn't help him.

It seemed so real that I was relieved when I woke up and heard no screams from their room, only slumbers.

Last night I told my husband to make sure that I'm alive every morning before he leaves for work.

WTF dream?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's a Mom to do with 500 Sheets of White Paper?

After hearing about how I made coloring pages for Lycan, my mom has given me 500 sheets of plain paper to make them more!  Apparently, Lycan didn't just love it, so did she.

I'm going to make an Animal Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, their favorites, the sabbats, holidays, and pictures of Pagan/Witch tools and items that the kids will see around the house and land.  Some of these projects they'll be able to color, and others I'll make and hang in their playroom and bedroom.  Other sheets will just stay plain.

Looks like we might want to include crayons in Lycan's Equinox basket!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring is Almost Upon Us!

And I'm so excited!  I'm glad that winter has been a winter with it's cold and loads of snow.  It's been fun, cozy, and thankfully none of my family have gotten into accidents or have caught serious colds.  Thank the Gods and Spirits for that!

At the same time, I want warmth from outside.  I want to open up the windows, take my kids to the park, and start on my garden.  Now granted, Spring Equinox doesn't mean instant warmth, usually the warm weather doesn't hit until late April - May, generally.  Spring Equinox means that rain's coming.  Loads of it.  Storms and life.  It says, Warmth is coming!

It also means that it's time for Spring arts and crafts to do with the kids.  Which is another reason why I'm looking forward to warm weather, because I want the kids to be able to do many of these messy activities outside!

I need to get started on my art studio, because then I wouldn't mind us getting that room messy, especially on cold and rainy days!

I'd like to do daily spring-themed activities with the boys, but that all depends on energy and behaviors.  2-year-olds are unpredictable.  The activities will vary.  But even if I'm only able to do one or two with them this month, that's progress.  Because I don't really know how to go about it, growing up, the only arts and crafts we did at home were around Christmas.  My parents left seasonal crafts up to the school.  I'm not doing that.

  • Spring Theme Arts & Crafts:
    • Paint and/or color paper eggs and either put them up on the wall or hang them on a tree (made from a fallen tree branch).  
    • Color bunnies or flowers.
      • At first I was going to buy a coloring book since I don't have a printer.  Then I remembered that I know how to draw.  Not particularly well, but well enough for a toddler to scribble.  I pulled out large pieces of card stock and drew simple spring images on them in permanent marker.  I drew all over the canvas, too, so that most scribbles where going to get a picture.  
    • Feet paintings--Wolfman really enjoys painting with his feet.  
  • Egg Dyeing- We tried this last year, at my moms for Easter, and it was MESSY!  We knew it would be.  Instead of food coloring dye, I may try natural dyes instead.  But yeah, that experience last year, I know to use the tarp this year.  lol  Or we'll let Lycan do that activity with his grandparents, and we'll decorate hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs.
  • Read a story or a poem-  We did this last year.  I'm slowly building a Pagan Kids library, so i'm always on the hunt for Pagan, Witch, and Nature themed children's books.  In the House of Mama Stacey, the author is actually doing a book raffle until March 9th, I think.  It's in the link. Here are other links to books and stories having to do with Ostara and Spring. On Facebook, Ancient Amber is having a giveaway of The Sunchildren: Celebrating the Spring Equinox on March 3rd.
  • Hide plastic eggs with age-appropriate treats-  Or even hide one chocolate egg, as seen on Peppa Pig (Wolfman loves that show). I'd like to get them Little People animals, hopefully find plastic eggs large enough for each animal, because I think animals are appropriate for Spring.  Plus the toy set in particular has animals that we can associate with each sabbat.   The one left is the Llama, and I don't know what sabbat it could be associated with, except just to lump em with spring and birth.  Their totem meanings aren't any help.
    • Spring Equinox- Bunny
    • May Day- Duckling
    • Summer Solstice- Donkey/Horse
    • First Harvest-  Llama (you know "Lammas"?  j/k), Cow 
    • Fall Equinox- Pig
    • Ancestor's Day- Black Sheep
    • Last Harvest- Turkey
    • Winter Solstice- Goat
  • Give Offerings- Yup, this year the boys--well, probably not the baby since he's putting everything into his mouth right now--are going to help mommy give offerings to wildlife.  
  • Plant a Marigold- Around this time, in my elementary school, we'd plant our own marigolds and take care of them.  Then around Mother's Day--I believe--we'd take the flower home for Mother's Day.  I think that would be a wonderful activity for my son to do, and a lovely gift for my mom, step mom, and MIL to receive from their grandson. 
    • I'm going to have them paint a small pot, too.  

What sorts of activities or traditions are you planning/doing to welcome spring?

(My Spring Equinox Pinterest Board and for Spring Arts and Crafts.)