Thursday, February 5, 2015

Who Wants to Read a Baby Poop Story?

First off, a couple weeks ago, I knew that i needed to tighten my frames when my glasses fell off my face and into a dirty poopie diaper.

Just a bit ago, Vin was trying to poop.  Grunting, pushing, typical pooping baby.  After some time after he stopped, I opened up the diaper to see that his turd was huge and hard...and stuck.  Not even mid-way through. I've got constipation issues sometimes, too, I've been there.

The turd was huge, I was very surprised that he wasn't showing any signs of distress or pain, but I hunkered down and gently pressed just below his anus...and that turd SHOT out at me, so did every thing else that was behind the blockage!  And he peed a whole lot within a very short amount of time!  It was a few inches long--I'm surprised that he was able to keep it inside him!  Especially since the only discomfort he's shown has been due to teething!  If that were me, I would've been miserable.

I think it was due to teething, because he eats a pretty balanced diet, and this is actually the first time in his 9 months that he's been constipated.   Now my toddler got constipated a lot--unfortunately, it'd seem that he has his mommy poor digestion.  As a toddler, he hasn't been constipated....yet.  Trying to make sure that he's eating enough fiber.  Our pediatrician suggested a tiny bit of apple juice mixed with water to relieve it.  But with Wolfman, you know when he was constipated.  No poop, plus irritability.  With Vin just no poop yesterday.  He's had poopless days before, if he still hadn't pooped today, I was going to give him some apple juice.

The experience grossed Wolfman out, lol, but Vin clearly feels much better.  He's got to!

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