Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Little Things...

Wolfman's graduated from the diaper bag to his own bag!

Now he has his own travel/sleep over bag, instead of us using plastic bags when the diaper bag gets full.  There are pockets on the side for his cups.  He can put his clothes, diapers, extra binkie, blankie, Paw Patrol DVD, books, snacks, activity books, and favorite toys inside of it.  

I'll also be including a sealed, waterproof tag with our currant family photo, his name, our address, my uncle's name (he's an officer), and trusted family members numbers on it, too.  

Yup, then when Warrior is 2, he'll also get his own bag, decorated with his favorite thing.  And so on and so forth, with the other kid(s).  It's big step, getting your own bag.  My parents didn't do this with sleep overs, but they did with school.  Course, I don't remember them making cool back packs when I was in elementary, but lunch boxes and trapper keepers, those were the shizz.  Always got to pick out our favorites.  It made school exciting.  It's a tradition that I'm going to continue, only adding in a travel bag.  Makes it special.

When my husband was younger, their special thing for each kid was a chest with their favorite character or animal on it.  My husband had a TMNT chest/trunk, one that he kept until a few years ago when it fell apart.  He and his siblings kept their toys in their chests.  It's the little things.  It's fun and memorable.  

Hopefully now Grandma won't get confused as to whose diapers are whose.  At least until we figure out this whole potty training thing.  

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