Monday, February 2, 2015

Guess That Makes Me a Hair Tie

Over on the Domestic Witch, the writer explores what it means to be Silky or Crunchy.  Personally, I'm not a fan of extreme categories, but let's see where I fall for fun:


  1. Yes, I do prefer hospital births and will take advantage of the drugs available. 
  2. No, thanks, I do not want to keep the placenta...
  3. Due to problems with latching and milk production, yes, I did bottle feed.  
  4. Disposable Diapers
  5. Pro-Circumcision 
  6. Pro-Vaccinations
  7. Yes to the "traditional" parenting and medical advice.
  8. Anti-biotics
  9. Traditional baby furniture and toys (I guess, I don't know the Crunchy version)
  10. CIO
  11. Scold, yes.
  12. Don't really care about GMOs, processed foods, etc (I prefer fresh and untainted, but gotta do what ya gotta do).  Not that I'm shoving junk foods in their faces, but if they're not getting sick from the food, it's fine to me.  I do make sure that they eat a balanced healthy diet everyday.
  13. Yes, I do buy most products out of convenience.
  14. Plastic ware
  15. I think bicycles on streets are extremely unsafe and most bicyclists I've encountered are fucking rude and stupid about safety, so yes, I drive.  I ain't about to be walking around this shitty neighborhood by myself, or with my kids.  Some areas are just unsafe, period.  
  16. I have no problems with public schools.
  17. I'm a Centrist, which way I lean changes.
  18. I don't think that humans are causing global warming, but yes global warming is happening.  I believe that the planet is going through another cycle, such as heating up.  

  • As for Potty Training, we haven't started yet.  Honestly, I don't have a clue where to start, despite that my toddler is totally ready.
  • Traditional marriage: I don't care.  Not for me, but if others do it, do what makes you happy.  To me, rejecting it would mean that I think it needs to stop, and I don't believe that.  As far as marriage goes, I'm happily handfasted because I want to be, not because I have to be (still haven't changed my surname yet...).  
  • I don't care either way with religion, if it makes a happy, do whatever.  Organized religion, I don't reject it, it's just not my path.  Down the line, if it happens to be my path, so be it.


  1. (from S. 2) ...Although I may do the cord bank thing with number three.
  2. I do use natural medicine, as well
  3. No flu shots.
  4. (from S. 7) ...And No to the "traditional" parenting and medical advice.
  5. I have a mix of scolding and gentle conversations when it comes to disciplining my kids.  No, I don't spank.
  6. Baby led weaning
  7. Bed sharing sometimes (it was the only way to get my youngest to sleep); until they started rolling, then to the crib they went.
  8. I'm doing more and more homesteading, with plans on raising and our own chickens.  We also hunt and gain our meats (honey, fruits, veggies) from other hunters and local farmers.
  9. We don't use items tested on animals.
  10. Recycle (and I plan on composting)
  11. Spends time in nature
  12. If I'm able to home school, I will.  
  13. I'm a Centrist...depends.
  14. We don't do gender roles in our family.
  15. Not a big fan of capitalism.

I'm Scrunchy, apparently.  I couldn't be fully one or the other, to be honest.

What about you?  Silky, Crunchy, or Scrunchy?

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