Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Been Wishing It For Years

Couldn't tell you how long I've been wanting one. Not just for my family, but times when my depression rears its ugly head. Sometimes a healing altar and deity shrines just doesn't cut it. In my darkest times, I've wished for a Greek style temple to go to, so i could pray at the foot of a great statue of my Matron, with Pagan Clergy that I can seek guidance from, but no place like that exists in Central Ohio, that I'm a aware of.  It sucks.  Not saying that a generalized Pagan Temple would, but still, at least it'd have someone spiritual to talk to.  

I've been wanting a church-like atmosphere for Pagans for a very long time.  I see the community that my SIL's church has and what do I have?  Myself.  The internet.  The outdoors.  That's not enough for me.  Yes, there are study groups and meet up groups in my area, but I don't know those people.  I don't trust them.  I don't feel comfortable or safe (yes, in a church or temple setting I would, as long as said place isn't located in a basement or something, or off in the boonies), and I sure as hell ain't bringing my kids to meet a group of strangers.  I mean, there's a meet up this month at some vegan resturant (I'm not a vegan--not that I'm opposed to eating veggies, I am a proud omnivore, but that means that my husband won't go),  and 1) I'm still working up the courage to go and 2) I'm trying to find someone who wants to go with me.

And it would be wonderful to have a spiritual place to take my kids to, too; a place they can meet other kids of various Pagan paths, and really just be introduced to a lot of culture and diversity in a spiritual manner. To provide a place for activities and adventures.

I often say that my home is my Matron's temple, but clearly it's a home, it doesn't have that same sacredness that a holy place does.

"As a mother, I’m a lot less likely to go to a stranger’s home for ritual when I have three children in tow than I would to attend a ritual in a public space.  This is doubly true if it is the group’s own space – this tells me volumes about the nature of the people involved in that group.  To make a temple or sacred gathering space happen, they must be dedicated, resourceful people; the group stable and enduring.  This is exactly what I’m looking for when I’m introducing my children to a spiritual path.  I truly believe that a proliferation of public temples for Pagans would lead to a shift in general demographics, and that this diversity would improve the religion for all." ~ Molly Khan
 I know that Universal...Unitarian...Church, I think is what it's call, exists, and I've often thought about checking it out, but I have reservations...even though I don't know quite what they are.  Although meeting in this place would be a hella lot easier and safer than meeting at a park or someone's home.  Who knows when a Pagan Temple might be built in Central Ohio, if at all?  Not too mention, some Pagans aren't open to the idea either....from what I've read, for some it's due to a fear or dislike or organized religion.  That's fine for them, but I want a place, other than my house.  Sometimes ya gotta get out of our home and meet people.  

"Having a public temple, dedicated to the Gods, where Pagans may come at any time and leave their offerings and build their relationship while also being able to gather together in group ritual would be an amazing step in the concept of sacred space." ~Molly Khan

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