Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Yarn Tradition

Wish my parents would've taught me how to crochet/knit when I was kid.  Guess I'll try with my kids when I get better at it....well, obviously with them a little older, too.

My mom was taught by her mom and so on and so forth, back through the ages.  I guess my parents decided that it wasn't important to pass it on to me.  Work and other life things got in the way.  Alas!  I'm going to be learning various yarn arts, like crochet, knitting, finger and arm knitting, weaving, and all that jazz.  And sewing.  Nothing wrong with knowing how to make some blankets, warm clothes, or fixing up a hole in your pants, no matter your gender (in my family, I don't know of any men who know the yarn or thread arts).

I wasn't taught any of this--sewing in 8th grade, crochet now--hopefully, my kids will show an interest in it.

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