Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Learning Foundation

I just joined a Facebook group with a very long name that got my mental gears a-ticking.  The group is called, Waldorf Inspired- Pagan Children, Parents, Teachers, and Home-Schoolers.  I discovered it through The Pagan Mama Community, and so far, by first glance, I kind of like it.  I would like to home school my kids, especially if we end up buying this house....this neighborhood and school system ain't that great.  I want them to be around other children their age for social purposes, and to be taught by a certified teacher with proper training and experience than me, too.  But this neighborhood, I dunno.

Anyway, most Pagan Home Schooling groups that I've come across, especially on Facebook, just aren't that informative, or they're not that active.  This groups seems to be.  If nothing else, it has me interested in researching more about Waldorf educational programs.

I wrote an introduction, stating that I'm more of a Home-Centric Pagan and Witch than an Earth-Centric one.  Meaning my faith and practice mainly focus on home and family.  I love nature, and the seasons, but they're not the center of my world.  They used to be, back when I was just starting out and trying to find myself; they're important to learn.  And I believe that learning about nature, the planet, the solar system, and all of that are the basics, the foundation, that many people should start with.  Or maybe it's just due to my studies with many Wicca 101 books.  That's usually where they start: learning about the elements, the seasons, and so on, before getting to more advanced topics.  Get the basics down and it usually opens up many more doors for understanding.

My plans for their pre-k education is definitely going to be about the simple aspects of nature.  When I get a lesson plan going, I'll definitely post it.  It's something that I've been working on for a few years, actually.  Me having to edit it repeatedly, especially as I get to know my son's personality and intelligence.  That and I need to work on making it simpler because I do tend to over complicate ideas.  Not to mention that I'm not very well organized due to having the memory of a goldfish and the attention span of a toddler.

That's why I like to find helpful parenting and home schooling groups, because I don't know what I'm doing!  lol  But I have to get to bed, so hopefully I'll elaborate more on this topic tomorrow after I've thought more about it.


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