Monday, January 19, 2015

A Gratitude Journal

I came across this, and thought it was interesting.  Our world--well, from my observations and how I feel certain days--is so negative.  There's a lot of fighting, greed, gossiping, and overall a loss of compassion.  This negativity is like a virus, it spreads and infects people, especially those addicted to drama, like I am--an addiction I'm working to break.

Life can bring a person down to the point to where they're uncaring and selfish.  When depression rears its ugly head, I get swallowed up in this thought.  This void.  So I made my own, so-oh-popular Gratitude Jar, as a coping method.  I don't know that I'm going to write down or draw something inspiration, funny, loving, etc everyday, but I definitely plan on keeping up with it.  I think it'll be a fun tradition to have on New Years Eve, instead of just eating sour kraut and watching the ball drop.  This will having meaning and happy memories.  As well as a boost when the darkness comes.

While I was looking at different jars for visual inspiration, I found the 30 Days of Gratitude.  It's aimed towards kids, but I see no reason why adults can't do it either.  In fact, I think parents and their kids should do it together.  Everyone needs a reminder to not take life for granted.  Most of us need a dose of humility, compassion, and gratitude, but for some once the moment passes, it's gone.  That bit of joy felt is gone.  Then they're back to their life of having greed and negativity thrown at them....especially kids.  In this day and age, many kids are either forced to grown up early or a piece of tech becomes their world.  They can't see anything beyond it....except maybe the next best thing.

I know growing up, I was surrounded by fads and trend.  I had my mom buy me Nike, Fila, and a Starter jacket for a team that I didn't even like, due to wanting to be cool like my peers.  And my mom bought me these things.  I hope that my family doesn't fall into that trap of more more more and wanting to please others.  Maybe something like this, a jar or a journal might stop us from caring about what's trendy, what's acceptable, and promote greed.  

I think this type of project might shine a new light on the world, show that there is more good than the negative that's constantly being shoved in our faces through the media.  The world is better than the bad people and events in it.

(PS it's hard to write a consistent post with a ninja toddler of a stealth skill of 100 and a rolly polly baby who's determined to explore the area beneath the futon!)

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