Saturday, August 30, 2014


We got a house!  I'm so excited and so tired of this shithole we're currently in.  I'm so glad we're no longer going to be living in an apartment.  Someone living in this complex has roaches and I spotted one a couple of days ago.  Killed him.  Then sprinkled a mixture of baking soda and sugar around my baseboards, behind the stove, fridge, under the sink, and in other places roaches like to hang out.  Haven't seen one since!  Boric acid powder works best, but gotta use what you have--however, both are cheap, effective, and safe around pets and kids--although you may want to double check the boric acid (which you can find in either the cleaning aisle or the pest killer aisle.

I really really hate apartment living.

Okay, so our house, right.  My gram is no longer able to live by herself, so she's going to stay with relatives.  In the meantime, she's invited us to stay in her house, rent free, for at least a year.  However, we will have to pay for utilities.

This is great!  It'll give us time to catch up on our bills, past evictions, and student loan debt!  We'll be able to rebuild our credit and get a vehicle (preferably a van) and save up for a larger house out in the country!

Here's a board of my plans:

  • We'll have a HUGE back yard, perfect for a garden and camping.  The only thing it needs to make it toddler safe is a fence.  Which hopefully we can build one--we'll be able to save up for it.  
  • If we get a fence, I'll have no problem getting a big dog and building a kennel for it.
  • We'll have a two vehicle garage.  
  • A mud room for our coats, shoes, umbrellas, stroller, and other outdoor things.
  • A basement
  • The Kitchen, I'm doing in Lavender, Moss Green, and Wood.
  • The Living Room will be in Red, Creme, and Black.
  • The Bathroom will be in Green, Blue, and Yellow.
  • One of the bedroom's will be turned into a Play/Game/Craft room.
  • Boy's room will be divided, TMNT on one side and whatever Vin's interested in on the other side.  
  • Our bedroom....I don't know yet.  
  • That leaves an extra room that I have no clue what to do with....probably turn it into an office or a spiritual room?  Or a make-shift guest room?  
Tomorrow my uncle's going to fix it up and make it a safer place for children.  Throughout the week, we'll be moving our boxes, then come the weekend, we'll rent a U-Haul and move the furniture.  I'm sooooo excited.  

In the meanwhile, we'll have to purchase baby gates and child-proofing (right now we use duct tape).

Now we have a place for family and friends to come to.  Although it may be awkward for some of them, considering that it used to be gram's home.  The plan is to make it more of our own.  Did I mention that I'm excited?