Sunday, December 28, 2014


While my step mom and I set up the surprise party, Hubs took our son out for ice cream and to pick up a fruit tray (Lycan picked apples and grapes) and some potato salad.  When they came back, Lycan said, "Whoa," upon seeing all of the cars in our driveway.  Walking up to the porch, he exclaimed, "Balloons!"  Walking up to the door, Lycan was telling Hubs to be "Careful!  Careful!" all the way to the door.

Then he walked in and saw most of his favorite people, "Surprise Birthday Boy!"

Then he turned around to his party and shouted, "TROUBLE!"  (what he calls Paw Patrol).  And had the biggest grin on his face.  His reaction made this whole experience worth it.

Cake from Resch's Bakery,
combined with the Look Out Playset and two sets of Paw Patrol Racers.  Originally, I was going to place three of the cars on the cake, but they were a little too large.  Placing them around was better because Lycan wanted to play with them immediately.  As I handed him a character, he named them all off, then went to show them off to everyone.

Cheesy Chex Mix

Water Bowl

Colby Jack and Sharp Cheddar cut into bone shapes, Jack Links beef sticks, roast beef, chicken, and crackers.

Holiday cookies 

 Solo Blue Cups, plain red paper plates, white styrofoam plates, white plastic spoons--whatever we had on hand.  The napkins, paw print floor clings (on the wall), and the table cover are Paw Print Birthday Party Supplies, and "White Balloons with Black Paw Prints" all came from Amazon.

Firefighter Centerpiece and plates came from  Party City (but can be found cheaper).

Our party favors were little packs of Paw Patrol stickers (6 pk) that were found on Amazon.  And I made an "Adopt a Pup" box, having bought the stuffed dogs from Small Toys, via, you guessed it, Amazon.

This, unfortunately, is the best shot that I got of it, because I forgot to photograph the final product.  I also forgot to make popcorn, but it didn't matter, the party was a huge success.  I worked my butt off getting it together, scouring the internet for ideas and inspirations, and it all paid off.

The kids loved the favors.  Unfortunately, some people missed the party due to a stomach virus, so the kids present ended up taking home two pups.  The mom of the three sick did stop by before heading back to West Virginia, and we sent her home with a bag of party favors for my niece and nephews.  They were looking forward to coming to the party.  I made sure to save them something special.

Lycan ended up spending the rest of his birthday with his cousin, who he only gets to see a couple times a year, with their grandma and grandpa.  Which is fantastic, because mommy and daddy get to clean up, put the playroom back together after it was torn apart by the little beasts, and relax with the baby.

And a lot of people, who've been over to the house recently, really liked our playroom.  I've inspired a BIL to convert part of his basement into a playroom for his kids.  Although we haven't the draw space for Lycan's new acquired vehicle toys.  But I've learned that Lycan's not so much of a quantity gift kid as he is a quality gift kid.  Just give him that one toy that incorporates his favorite things and he's good.  He's a little overwhelmed by all of the gifts he's received over the last couple weeks!  In a few weeks/months, I'll know what toys are okay to donate.

Could'n've asked for a more awesome birthday party.  Happy Birthday, Wolfman, my special little guy!  Makes me eager to see what party themed he'll want next year and whether or not momma is up for the challenge.  But before then, I do have his little brother's party to plan in April.

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