Monday, December 22, 2014

One Down, Two To Go

Had a great Yule, how bout you?

Got up, lit a candle on Odin's shrine, then one on my Kitchen altar.  I baked the Yule Stump (had to redo it, messed it up on Saturday).  Made a light breakfast of scrabbled eggs, fruit (for the men folk) and a small salad for me.  Stacked and decorated my leaning stump with cream cheese icing, almond slivers, mint leaves, raspberries, and a light dusting of powdered sugar.  I was going to do a naked cake (icing only in the layers) with a sun stenciled on the top with powdered sugar, but had a change of heart....when I couldn't find my stencil.  lol

K. Wren.  December 21, 2014

After breakfast, we surprised Wolfman with his first gift, his Want, which was a Paw Patrol toddler couch.  He literally dropped his trucks and ran for the couch.  It was awesome.  So worth it. (Warrior's first gift was a Redwings onesie.)

Wolfman and Warrior

I made lunch: Cranberry Cream Cheese Turkey sandwiches (which were really good, I was surprised; the taste was well balanced), goat cheese, almond sliver, raspberry, spinach salad; peppermint brownies, sugar cookies; and my step mom brought cheesy scalloped potatoes and cranberry BBQ meatballs.  Before my dad and step mom arrived, I lit a deliciously warm candle on Hestia's shrine, then I greeted them with Peppermint Hot Chocolate.  We lit the Yule Log, ate, then went and opened gifts.  

My gift was seeing the joy and utter excitement on my son's face when he saw his truck book, Paw Patrol shirt, and big old tractor.  The baby thoroughly enjoyed his cloth book, but the kids enjoyed playing with grandma and grandpa more.

Grandpa and Warrior

After they left, we alllllll took a nice long nap.  Then it was up for mom to finish gifts and cook dinner.  Nothing fancy, just honey BBQ chicken and some more of that yummy salad, and a slice of cake for dessert.  

Today, I'm making edible treats for the wildlife to be given as offerings to the Spirits.

Yes, one major day down, two more to go.  Half of the baked goods are done, the Christmas ham is thawing in the fridge, I have to make the peppermint white chocolate cheese cake, and...some other stuff but I took a baby break and now can't really remember my To Do List.  And our Christmas gift from my mom is arriving in a little bit: a new couch!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Just Christmas and Lycan's birthday now.  

Belated Blessed Yule and Happy Other Holidays!

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