Monday, December 8, 2014

In a Funk, Shake It Off

Ugh, I am.  I started off really happy and excited for the holidays.  I think I'm just taking on too much, combined with an uncomfortable bed and typical depression.  It's low level right now, but it still nags me.  Bedwise, every morning, I wake up sore and tired.  I sleep throughout the night, as far as I know, but it feels like I'm not getting any.  We've even flipped the bed and switched sides.  Annoying.

In better news, since starting my low carb diet November 6th, I've lost 6 lbs, so that's clearly something to be happy for.  I'm sure if I hadn't cheated with Thanksgiving, I would've lost more, but not worth dwelling on.  Just gotta stay on track.  Just wish that I knew that those delicious carbs were my enemy years ago!  Probably would've been able to join the Air Force like I had wanted to, or even continue life in the police academy!  Things happen for a reason.  Point is that I'm losing weight now, so hopefully when I get pregnant with #3, I won't have gestational diabetes.  My plan is to get down to 245 - 200 lbs.  240lbs is my safety zone, concerning diabetes (which I don't have [despite having GD with both kids], but better to avoid it as it's in my family).

I'm still excited for the holidays, I just wish they'd get here quicker.  Let it be Yule already!  I am getting things done, just not as quickly as I'd hope.  I have so many unfinished and abandoned ornaments.  If I'm not happy with them, I have to start over.  Like I made this easy bulb wreath, but I'm not happy with it, because even though i glued the tops to the bulbs, they're popping off.

I'm want to try this again next year, only with better bulbs.

Then I tried to make pine cone ornaments, but that didn't work because the scales of whatever they're called, of the cones started falling off.  I nixed it.

I made three Santa's Magic Key's instead!  So much easier.  One's just an ornament, the second is an ornament for the tree and a decoration for outside, and the third is just an outside decoration:

 K. Wren.  December 7, 2014

The one below has a burlap bag that it hooks onto, although I think I'm going to pick a canvas bag for visual appeal.  The burlap is too rustic and the two clash.  However, for the third key, it works, I just haven't too put all together yet.  

K. Wren.  December 7, 2014

I'm going to write up the little poem and put it with the keys.  The keys will be sitting on top of the tins for their baked good gifts.  The baked goods will be chocolate chip cookies, brownies topped with peppermint crumbles, cranberry-orange muffins, and sugar cookies.  

Onto to my brother and his wife.  The wreath was originally going to be for them, but I'm unsatisfied with it.  So I think I'm going to make her a recipe box and put a stuffed goat inside of it.  My brother and I have always wanted goats, which is odd, so I may get him his own goat!  He's ridiculously hard to buy for....  I just bought my niece a book Uni the Unicorn.  That was easy.  What's my brother into?  Military, guns, goats, Bigfoot--OMG, he sounds like a crazy redneck, I assure you he's not--Martial Arts, MMA, True Blood, The Walking Dead, and OSU. 

The twins are done.  Their little brother is not.  My other nephew and niece are getting clothes.  Our kids are done.  Hubby still needs something.

...I have so much wrapping to do.  I hate wrapping.  GIFT BAGS FOR EVERYONE!  ;-)

Yule Lunch and Christmas Dinner is planned out.  My son's 2nd birthday is nearly ready to go.  Nearly all of our ornaments are done, all I need is to finish the Polyjuice Potion, the Golden Snitch, the red beaded garland, and the Sun tree topper.  

I need to go through a lot of our ever building crap for donations, already took one load to Good Will (toys, baby clothes, kitchen ware).  If we don't use it, no point in keeping it!  I've noticed that as our children's stuff grows, out crap shrinks, lol.  I'm just not a fan of stuff.  I am no hoarder...unless it's art and craft stuff, then yes, a tad, but nothing extreme.  No room and I'm more of a fan of having clean space!

I think I feel rushed to get everything done, yet it's only the 8th.  I just want to get it all done so I don't have to worry about it later.  Makes sense.  So all I'll have to do is make food and prepare for Wolfman's birthday.  I don't have that much to do, yet I feel overwhelmed.  Plus my depression is creeping and I'm having issues with being sore and tired.  

Just keep'll all be over soon.  

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