Monday, December 1, 2014

Two Holiday Dinners?

Now I'm also cooking dinner for my husband's family, too, on Christmas day.  Gotta another dinner to plan out.  At least, I'm taking care of one family set on Yule!

Oh, man, why didn't I think of this? Instead of a Yule dinner, we could have a lunch instead.  Thanks to Panera Bread, I've discovered and have since had many of my own, Cranberry Turkey sandwiches!  I think I may try this recipe for Yule:

  • Main Course: Cranberry Cream Cheese Turkey Sandwich
  • Salad: Spinach, Goat Cheese, Chicken or Turkey, Raspberry
  • Dessert: White, Almond Yule Stump, garnished with Raspberries and Mint Leaves
  • Beverage 1: Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Beverage 2: Blackberry Cider
  • Beverage 3: Wine

Awesome, Yule's planned out.  Now for Christmas.  Nothing that's not too similar, but then it's a different set family, they won't know, right?  No, we're not going to want to eat the same stuff!

Or instead of two dessert options, move one over for Christmas.  

  • Main: Ham with pineapples and cherries (maybe)
  • Sides: ...
  • Dessert: White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake, Leftover Yule Log
  • Beverages: Hot Chocolate, Moon Cider, Iced Tea (no soda)
I suck with sides....I need to look through my family recipe books for this one.  Nor am I really happy with the eat choice, but I don't want this year to be all about turkey.  Yet, I've also haven't made ham that way, but it's tradition in my family to have a Christmas Ham with pineapples and cherries.  I want a new tradition. I like it best when others cook it....not when I do.  It's like making sandwiches, often they taste better when someone else makes them! .

I just get bored with the same old foods.  I need to do something different with them.  

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