Saturday, December 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Majority of the Yule decorations are down.  Wolfman's second birthday is nearly here, and I can't wait.  We almost have everything we need for it.  Tomorrow, the fruit tray, the potato salad, and the cake will arrive, and the pawty can get started.

K. Wren, December 26th, 2014

After tomorrow is a much needed break.  No major plans until April, when Warrior turns one.

I go all out for my kids' parties.  I remember having so much fun at many of mine when I was younger (the many Lion King themed parties were my favorites!), and I want to give my kids that same experience.  Never realized how much work was involved!

I hope we have more people actually show up this year than last.  And I hope they eat the food.  Last year, I busted my butt making these TMNT cupcakes and no one ate them!  So this year, I cut out junk food...except we also got a lot of baked goods and they need a home other than our fatty thighs.  Aside from cookies, I'm also providing a cheese and meat tray, a fruit and veggie tray, chex mix, popcorn, and, of course, the cake.  I lost on the no soda thing, but won with not giving candy out in the party favor bags.

I'm just not a big fan of letting kids pig out on candy and junk food.  Obviously, I have no control at other parties, but at my house, I do, for the most part.  

Earlier, we went to Party City to pick up a Paw Patrol balloon and they didn't have them!  Back in October, I swear they did, because my son pointed them both out to us.  But today no luck.  The Manager said that we were the second people to come in and ask today.

Someone needs to phone in to corporate and get on this, because Paw Patrol is popular and needs more supplies than what's already available.  They're losing money.  If Party City had the balloons, my husband would've brought both of them, but instead settled for one Tonka Dump Truck.  Either way my son will love it, but business wise, that's money lost.

In the stores, nada about Paw Patrol.  Go online, especially on Pinterest, and you'll see a lot of Paw Patrol birthday parties.  A lot of people are sharing ideas and coming up with new ones, which is great...but be nicer if we had some more available supply.  But I guess it makes it all the more special than just purchasing a deluxe set of supplies.  Ain't cheaper, in my opinion.  But this is the behind-the-scenes parent stuff.  The kids will no doubt love it all and have a blast, regardless of how well things match and go together.

I'm so eager to get it all together now, but I have to wait until Hubs takes the birthday boy out of the house around 11 am, because I want everything to be a surprise for him when he comes home.

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