Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Interesting Little Meme and the Sun

I found a bit more information, that I've cross checked (memes aren't "irrefutable proof" for me, I need sources from books and real websites of people who've actually done research not just basing things off of hearsay), that supports Odin as being a Gift Giver on Yule, but I need to do more research.

Know Thine Mythology!

I've said this many times, if this is true (which it could very well be, as the Modern St. Nick/Santa has replaced many other Gift Giving Spirits), then Santa is the PG-13 version of Odin.

Concerning the Key and Treat decoration, instead of just a sack of goat treats, I may need to make an old boot and fill it with straw for Slepnir.  Ugh, having issues here.  Odin rides his six-eight legged horse...what, is Julbocken going to follow behind?  A goat being led by a horse?  I dunno.  Hubby and I need to have a conversation.  Figure something out that makes both of us happy.

As the Julbocken is associated to Thor, we will still eat goat in some form on many Yule's to come.

I just hope we can figure this all out by the time our kids understand more.  It's ain't easy starting new family traditions and combining the different beliefs.  I want something that seems natural, like they work together, not that our kids are visited by separate Gift Givers.  They're both Scandinavian, so there's some correlation there, right?  These are problems that most people just don't have.  Most folks have Santa, St. Nick, Krampus, and I think La Befana is still around today.

Oh, and I finished my tree topper.  I'm not happy with it, I think it looks like crap, but it's photogenic.

K. Wren.  December 2014

I can't get too down on myself about the topper, it is only my second one that I've ever made.  It's a styrofoam ball, paint, feathers, and a toilet paper roll.  Nothing fancy.  It'll work until we find a metal sun.

I find it funny.  This holiday for me isn't the return of the Sun...Father Sun didn't go anywhere (I know the Wheel of the Year myth, in that the God dies and is reborn on the Solstice), for me it's the First Day of Winter.  I don't know about you, but I often seek out the warmth of the Sun when I'm outside.  The Sun is very important to me, at least, during the winter.  I like light and warmth.  I like the Sun, lit candles, tree lights, and fireplaces during the cold months.

On the Winter Solstice/Yule, I'm celebrating the season of winter, the importance of the Sun--of fire, and family bonds.  The ornaments on our tree reflect that, as it's full of Baby's Firsts, Memorials, things important to our belief systems, representations that bring us joy and memories, and the warmth of light.

All but two ornaments are handmade.  That tradition is important to me.  When I was young we used to make ornaments as a family, all the time.  Then as us kids got older, the tradition stopped.  I'm a crafter, I love doing this stuff--I've made 30-40 ornaments already!--at least, while they're young we'll be making our own.  I want to continue it, because it was one of my favorite things to do, aside from baking, hopefully my kids will enjoy it, too.  It brought a lot of good memories, even as an adult and looking at some of those old ornaments that my parents still hang every year.

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