Monday, December 8, 2014

A New Tradition?

I had a fun thought come to me last night, when I was making my Santa Key and Reindeer Snack decorations.  Every Christmas Eve, one is supposed to hang the key outside for Santa to use to get in, for those who don't have chimneys.  As I've said before I'm going to make one for the Julbock.  Hubby also wants Odin to be part of these traditions, so why not have Odin leading the Julbock to the house on Yule Eve?

Although I've read that the Julbock is a representation of Thor--I remember coming across Thor's goats a few years back during my research.  "The Julbock story is related to Thor's goat-pulled chariot.  The goats were named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr.  He'd ride them, slaughter them, then resurrect them" (Book of Mirrors).  I still want to do more research, find some more lore and stories, so it's more of a shared story, instead of just ours.  Less UPG, more SPG.  Maybe it'll be Thor, instead of Odin to bring the gift bearing Julbock?  Or maybe just some friendly gnomes/elves leading him?  We'll hammer out the details later.  I'm sure hubby would want to it be more accurate, since it's his pantheon.

Anyway, so a key for Odin/Thor/Gnome/Elf and a bag of Goat Treats.  Every year, along with hanging the key outside, we can fill up the bag with magical treats for the Julbock.  I like it.  Gotta get cracking on making our key and snack bag now!

Julbocken by John Bauer
John Bauer, 1912

A Nordic Yule (poem <3)

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