Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wow, He barked

Apparently DC does know how to bark.

The female dog who was on my porch a few weeks ago, acting aggressive towards me has a MASSIVE mate.  I've never seen a pit bull that big, he might be a mix or he's on fucking steroids, good genes or something.  Time to make another call to Animal Control.  Although my uncle is a cop and says that if the dogs actually come up to the house again, I can kill them.  Much better than AC giving useless citation after useless citation to some lazy fucking neighbors who refuse to secure their dogs and feed them properly.

What the fuck are citations going to do?  AC's been out here five fucking times and the dogs are still not secure.  FIVE FUCKING TIMES.  FIVE!  Clearly the citations ain't doing jack shit!  But a bullet to a pit's skull will.  Especially one that's already shown aggression towards me on my property.  Is a citation going to stop that bitch from attacking my son and possibly killing him?  I'm not going to be made to fear my yard due to someone's inability to secure their dogs, or fucking AC who can't do anything other than give citations.  Fucking worthless.

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