Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can Take the Dog Out of the Country, But You Can't Take the Country Out of the Dog

We've had this dog for about a month, give or take, and he's just not for us.  I was done with him when he showed food aggression when my toddler wasn't near his food.  Lycan was playing in his room when DC decided to go into the boys' room to eat his bone.  Lycan was running around laughing, and the dipshit dog growled and bared his teeth.  Since then, when my son is up and about, the dog is outside.  I don't trust him and I don't like him--I don't hate him, but I don't like him either.

Although now the dog wants nothing to do with coming in.  Okay.  That's fine.  We have an enclosed porch that we've used as a shelter for him.  Keep him fed and watered, flea treatments, heart worm treatments, warm, dry, whatever he needs to be healthy and happy outside.  Hubby gives him attention.  We walk him.  But that's it.  He's not around our kids.  (I don't see the point in having a dog if you can't have them around the kids, or have them inside protecting the house.)

The first couple days, he was perfect around our kids.  But after a couple more days he would push Lycan out of the way, push him down, and almost step on the baby, whereas before he was careful.

This dog is an embarrassment to his breeds--German Shepard and Rottweiler.  He doesn't do anything.  Doesn't listen.  Doesn't investigate sounds.  Doesn't bark.  There was a large female dog on the enclose porch (she'd gotten the janky screen door open), eating his dog food a couple week ago.  I had no idea she was there.  I had even cracked open the inner screen door, grabbed the tie up and put it on him.  He didn't let me know she was there.  At all.  It was her who let me know with a snarl and a growl.  So I let him go.  They exploded from the porch, his collar broke off and  I thought he was going to tear the railing off of the deck.  He almost caught her a couple times.  I had to scream at the top of my lungs to get him to stop and not follow her back to her yard.  Then I had to drag him by the back of his neck because he wouldn't come and his collar was broken.  In the cold cold rain.

The only reason why he even went after her was because of his food.  Other times those mangey mutts had come into the yard and he just laid there, didn't give a shit they were there.   (Animal Control's already taken care of it.)

The other day, he intentionally pissed on me.  He challenges me.  We work with him with training, he doesn't give a shit.  My husband thinks he's smart, I think he's fucking dumb.  He's a big and beautiful, but there's nothing there brain wise.  Even our friends have said the same thing, he just stares at you.  Lights are on but nobodies home.  I've never meant a dumber dog, and I've owned/trained/hunted with/been around a lot of dogs in my life.  And he takes the cake for being dumb.  Shame because he's so beautiful.  A Big Beautiful Bastard, as my husband calls him.  I love his eyes, he has amazing amber eyes....but his appearance is the only thing I like.  His intelligence and behavior?  No.

I've almost taken him to the humane society a few times (especially after he showed aggression towards my son), but my hubby's grandma wants him back.  And I'm like well come up here and get his ass, I'm done with him, otherwise he's on a one way trip to the Humane Society, especially after he shows food aggression during the evaluation!

He barely eats, because all he wants are scrapes and we don't do that because it's unhealthy.  So when he's really hungry he eats his dog food.

I'm so done with his mutt.  But this weekend, they're coming to take him--FINALLY--and I'm so happy.  I strongly dislike this poor excuse for a dog.  Dog were domesticated to be protective and loyal, and DC is none of those things.  But he's going back home, back to being an outdoor country dog.  This indoor city life just didn't suit him.  He's better off eating roadkill, eating deer, getting table scraps, killing the neighbors chickens and pigs, and not having rules, I guess.  He was so well behaved while we were in Kentucky, guess he's not a fan of Ohio or of energetic toddlers.  He does great around older kids and adults, though.

Just not a fit.

Once he's gone, we're adopting a new dog.  One that's been evaluated by professionals.  My husband wants a puppy and I think that's just too much work.  I want a young dog that's already house broken and is great with toddlers.  I want one that actually knows what it means to be a dog.

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