Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Last night was Trick or Treat for our city.  Costumes are one of my favorite things about Halloween.  I just love seeing the creativity that goes into some of the costumes and seeing people just having fun.  It brings people together.  It's fun!

This was Lycan's first pumpkin guttin experience from October 29th.  At first, he wasn't diggin the "YUCKY!"  But after watching mommy scrape out the gunk and pick out the seeds, then he came around and enjoyed himself.

Afterwards, I sprinkled the inside with rosemary and salt, empowered the jack-o-lantren for protection against nasty energies, and to help lead the Ancestors to the house if they wish to come today, when lit.  (Blessed Samhain!)

And here's some photos from Trick or Treat!  There was so much to do last night, that I ended up forgetting to get photos of me and Lycan :-(  but if we go to my mom's tonight, I'll be sure to get one with just me and my boys.

My Little Baby Bat!

Red Riding Hood Werewolf, Baby Bat, a Vampire, and a Little Devil

I don't know what the boys are looking at in this picture, but it definitely got their attention!  And no, Lycan wasn't picking his nose here.  lol. 

Mommy and Vinny

This year, we put the kids in a stroller.  So much easier (minus having to push a  double stroller up the hills and not having my glasses on)!  Especially since Lycan is a heavy kid!  He enjoyed being in the stroller.  As for Vin, he slept through Trick or Treat.  But was all bright eyed and bushy tailed afterwards, and got plenty of Paw Paw time in.

How was your Trick or Treat?  What did you and/or family go as?  


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