Sunday, October 12, 2014

Say Hello to Our New Security System

And pet:

(wasn't kidding about the name)

He's a 3.5-year-old rottweiler shepard mix.  Although I have a friend who's a dog breeder and trainer and thinks that he may also have akita in him. DT's a very beautiful dog.  He's an outdoor country dog--big and muscular.  But we're transitioning him to be an indoor dog.  DT is good with kids, doesn't have issues when eating, and is smart, but isn't trained very well.  So that's annoying, but he's trained to do his business outside.  And we'll be doing extra training, utilizing and sharpening those protective instincts.  

However, I might be allergic to him.  If I'm around him too long, I break out into rashes (not hives...yet) and start sneezing and coughing.  We're going to take him to the groomers and see if it's something on his fur, first.  I want to keep him, but I don't want to take allergy medicine for as long as we have him, ya know?    

Any ideas, other than the bath?  I don't want to keep him as an outdoor dog.  What's the point of having a dog if he's either kept outside, or in a kennel, when you're not home?  And I mean a real dog, something that oughta deter a burglar from breaking in, and literally rip em a new ass if they do?  But if he's outside, we run the risk of someone possibly stealing him, due to his breed. Not too mention, we need a fence (that goes deep because he's a digger), a kennel, and a dog house first.

And Lycan loves the "Puppy Doggy".  


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