Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Favorite Time of the Year!

I love October.  It has my favorite holiday, my favorite sabbat, our handfasting anniversary, hubby's birthday, the thinning of the veil, costumes, pumpkins, wonderful decorations, horror movies, hoodie and flapper weather, golden and red leaves, spices, and everything nice.  My favorite time of the year.

Which is funny, because in 2011, it was a miserable time for us, because I had miscarried with my first pregnancy.  Could not enjoy Halloween/Samhain that year because we were mourning.  But it's 2014, and I have two beautiful little boys, one who's nearly two and the little one who's nearly 6 months.  I still think of the first one that I lost, but then I know that I wouldn't have my special little guy, who was conceived a few months after the loss.

Lycan's talking more and he's figuring out his world.  He has quite the little personality.  He loves cars, trucks, and tractors.  Bananas, grapes, milk, pizza, and chicken.  When he burps, he grins, "Piggy."

Vin's rolling about, rolling over, squealing, and loves to watch his big brother.

My boys help me to not focus on what could've been with that first child.  I focus on the present with my boys.  I cherish these moments.  I still feel that pain once in a while, and I still worry about future pregnancies, but I don't get too lost or caught up in what could've been or what might happen.  I focus on Lycan and Vin.  They bring so much joy, frustrations, scares, excitement, discoveries, and unconditional love.  They're my little blessings.  My world.

As for my favorite time of the year, we've picked apples and have yet to get our pumpkins.  I'm excited to see how Lycan's going to do with picking one and gutting it.  :-)  Last night, we got three of four family costumes bought.  We're going with a Monster theme:

Vin's going to be a Bat
(Although i fell in love with this bat)

Lycan's going as a Devil
(there just weren't any good toddler monster costumes that I could find this year :-/ 
I liked this Skeleton better, but they didn't have it in his size)

I love how similar their costumes are, though.  And with Lycan, he's not to keen on wearing hats, but does better with hoods, so I had to pick costumes accordingly.  I refused to dress him up as a vampire.  I've never been a fan of the leeches, but I love my mutts:

I'm going as Little Red Riding Werewolf
(Last year, I went as Red Riding Hood [Lycan was the wolf and hubby was grandma].This year, she's back and bitten.  Just need a basket of bloody limbs and a red hood.)

I've always wanted to go as a werewolf, the scarier and more badass, the better (and I found some awesome masks!)....unless you have a young kid.  I wanted to pick something that was still cool, yet wouldn't scare my kids.  Hopefully this wolf mask isn't scary to them. I got some stick on claws, too.  (ugh, why won't this paragraph left align?)

Depending on funds, hubs is either going to be a zombie hunter, a monster hunter, or a axe wielding maniac.  Either way, I'm going to make both of us some bloody heads and limbs as "trophies" for him and "snacks" for me.  (and now this one won't either?  WTF?)

Omg, my left align isn't working anymore and it's seriously bothering me.  Technology, everyone!  Piece of crap.  Any way, hopefully hubby's costume will be just as cool as ours.  He likes Halloween, but he sucks with his costumes.  One year, he and his BFF went as Tenacious D.  Aka, they didn't dress up and just carried around Rock Band guitars.  Last year, he dressed up.  This year, it's going to be better, damn it, even if he's an axe murderer..  It's not that he doesn't like to dress up, it's that he doesn't put any effort into it.  Year-by-year, every since the Tenacious D fiasco, I've been whipping him into shape!  No lazy costumes on my watch!

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