Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Realy Hate Hardwood Floors

I've never been a fan of them, never.  Well, in some homes they look really good, and I do prefer higher quality, because it feel nicer on my bare feet.  I especially don't like them throughout the house.

I hate walking barefoot on floors, but i also hate having to wear socks or house shoes.  I don't like having dirty feet or stepping on dirt.  I hate sweeping with a broom, being tall it's just too hard on my back and knees.  And I have to sweep all of the freaking time!

Not too mention that my body needs cushion.  My hips, knees, ankles, and feet hurt from walking on these awful floors.  And parts of my feet are numb again (only happens when I'll been standing/walking on hard surfaces, too long).  Even dirt would be softer!

It's cool for my toddler concerning his riding toys, but he busted his face on the floor twice yesterday!  I know these things happen, but damn it, with carpet it wouldn't be as bad.

Now my 5-month-old is starting to roll over, we have him on blankets, but they only cover so much, so when he rolls, he fine, until he rolls again, in which, he hits his head on these god damn awful things, and is done.  Doesn't want to do it anything.  Way to go, progress!

As for area rugs, we're going to get them, but they're pricey, especially the softer, nicer types.  It needs to be softer for the babies and I need cushion for my legs.  But we need large ones and that money we don't have right now, especially since we have other much needed improvements, like more secure storm doors and front and back doors.

I was going to replace these things anyway, but after doing some homework on the sex offenders in my area, well, now it's top priority.  We have 5 convicted sex offenders (rapists, sexual battery, and gross sexual imposition against minors) living less than a mile around us.  How did we get so lucky?  And most of them are recent--as in recently got out of prison.  I've studied criminology and according to studies, most criminals are repeat offenders.  I'm not taking any risks, especially with my kids (at least two are pedophiles, which pisses me off even more, because we all live really close to an elementary school and a high school.  Who the hell fought for these sick fucks to live close to schools???  Who????  These kinds of people don't deserve second chances).

The house is pretty well protected magikally.  Physically, the windows are high off of the ground, they're new and very secure.  The house has ADT, but it's expensive!  So we're adopting a rott weiler mix this weekend, and we're going to go through proper training (he's already a dog and has has some training).  The doors are very weak and open--with large windows.  Aside from getting new doors, I think we're also going to purchase alarms for the windows.

Not to mention that I know martial arts and see just about anything as a weapon.  I will do what I must to protect my family, except submit to an intruder.  Pride won't let me do that.

Oh, and we need privacy fences....well fences period for our exploratory toddler and the dog.

Some would say that I'm paranoid, but listen, we're in a sweet spot surrounded by bad neighborhoods and sex offenders.  At least 2 times, someone's tried to break into gram's house.  I'd say that I'm cautious and protective.  It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  Am I right?  We are not staying here longer than we have to.  Which is a shame because it's a nice property.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood is crap, as is the school system.  What a waste.

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