Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Wait, Guys, This Wait

Move out date is Thursday morning.  We're going to move our stuff into the garage, then come back and clean the apartment, and turn in our key.  Come Saturday, my aunts and uncles are coming up to pack up gram's belongings.  As her stuff moves into the garage, our stuff will be moving into the house.

I'll be able to have a sit down with the Spirits of the house before the moving actually starts, but I won't be able to start smudging until everything's moved in, but that's fine.  From smudging I'll start warding.

So naturally, time is moving exceedingly slow!  At least it's Tuesday.  It needs to be Wednesday...or better yet Thursday morning.

I am not a patient person.  I'm just bored.

Ugh, everything's packed up.  I can only look at home design decor stuff for so long.  I pretty much have an idea of what I want, except we're now doing the bathroom in purple, white, and silver, due to a shower curtain that I fell in love with yesterday.

Gods, I am an adult, aren't I?  Falling in love with shower curtains....

And we're going to purchase a creme area rug for the living room, instead of one that has red, black, and creme.

I'm hoping that I can at least get the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, and living room in order before our house warming party which will be around the end of September.  I'm going to try to aim for the Fall Equinox, because that's normally when I make my seasonal sabbat dinner. Although hubs just wants pizza and beer.  I love to cook, let me do my thing.  We can have pizza and beer on game nights.  This is a special occasion, darn it.

And I decided against curtains.  I like em, I do, when with a baby and a toddler, no.  Bad news.  We're just going to install blinds, and mabye a vance or valance or whatever they're called in the boy's room.  For a pop of color.  After all of our children are to that age of leaving the curtains alone, then we'll get them.

I do keep thinking about the Play/Game/Craft Room.  I going to cover the floor (it's hardwood) with those foam tiles, keep their toy box in there, even though it's not going to really matter anyway, but also keep our board games and crafting supplies in the closet.  Have a little table with chairs for them, a small TV for their favorite toddler and learning shows, build a toddler friendly books shelf for them (Lycan carries around a tupperware box of his favorite books!).  Yes, they'll have practically free range of the house (although some areas doors will be shut and baby gates will be placed), but they'll also have a special room for their cousins and for activities and crafts.

Since our dining room and living room will be separate, we'll be able to start eating at the table for breakfast and dinner, instead of plopping ourselves in front of the TV to eat!

Okay, now I'm just rambling, all of these plans and family traditions continuing on are all I've got until Thursday.

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