Sunday, July 27, 2014

Halloween & Birthday Plans

I've been thinking about Halloween costumes, just wracking my brain for family themes.  Last year, we did Little Red Hood:

Mommy Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Lycan

For this year, my husband suggested that we do Harry Potter theme:
  • He as Dumbledore
  • Me as Molly
  • Lycan as Harry
  • Vin as Dobby

The Dobby part made me laugh quite a bit.  It's almost a shame that Vin has so much hair, but having Dobby's ears?  I literally LOL.  

Next, I've been thinking about the boy's birthday party's.  I know, so soon!  For Lycan, we have about 5 months and for Vin it's 9 months.  But I realized that I love planing for parties.  Normally I do awesome with it, too.  Problem being is that people SUCK and don't show up for them.  Even for a kid's birthday or a handfasting.  People suck.  

Listen, I may be boring and weird, but I know how to throw a fun party, complete with awesome themed foods. But that's neither here, nor there.  

For Lycan, I was just stumped.  This time last year, he was all about TMNT, so that's what his first birthday became:

Took place at my step dad's Martial Arts Academy 

Soda and Utensils, color coordinated to the Turtle's masks. 

Cake from Giant Eagle

Raph Themed Present 

Streamers were used to decorate the table tops

Homemade Ninja Turtle Cupcakes

Harry Potter popped up, but I think that's a little mature for a 2-year-old, and I wanted him to really be able to appreciate and interact with one of mommy's favorite worlds.  I have a lot of ideas for a future Harry Potter birthday party.  

Of course, as I'm brainstorming, he's walking around saying, "Car."  Then it dawns on me.  Cars and Trucks.  Duh!  This boy has loved wheels since he first discovered them.  Wheels, wheels, wheels, everywhere.  Has to inspect and roll them.  I love to watch Lycan play with his cars and trucks, too.  Blowing raspberries and making other car sounds.  It's cute.  

My Pinterest Board of ideas for Lycan's 2nd Birthday.  

Cake wise, if I go store bought, I'm going with a sheet cake and a race track on top.  If homemade, I'm going to make a tire cake.  Either way, I'm want toy cars on the cake, because I know Lycan will want to play with them.  Toy cars are a must!  And I remember enjoying the cakes most that had toys on them (especially since I had MANY Lion King themed birthday parties).

So then, Vin?

First, I tossed about the idea of animals, because that his crib theme.  Then dinosaurs, but again, I think it's a little mature and I want it to be more interactive.  I didn't just want Lycan to enjoy, but also Vin.

I remembered how adorable Mike was in MU and thought Monster Theme, but, like Lycan, not necessarily Pixar.  It's fun, vibrantly colored, and the monsters don't have to be perfect in order to look good.

I got to browsin on Pinterest, and came up with these ideas. With Vin I have 9 months, and may change it depending on what his interests are.  But so far, I'm totally in love with this idea.

Guest wise, I have an idea of who're definites and who're flakey.  Most of all, I want my kids to enjoy themselves.  I just need to really focus on making enough food for those I know will come, instead of those who don't bother returning the RSVPs or say they'll come, then don't.  It's about the kids and creating awesome memories.  And some of my best memories were birthday memories.  Luckily for my kids, momma knows how to throw a party.

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