Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need a Stronger Representation

Over the last couple days (seems like forever already and yet it's only Wednesday!) I've been praying to Kuan Yin.  I drew a picture of Her in a small sketchbook and have been using that for a visual representation.

Prayer Drawing

Then came the prospect of staying the night with my little warrior.  And I didn't know if I would be strong enough to stay in the hospital without family.  So my BFF and I returned to Yellow Springs and I bought a couple spell candles, a Green Tara statue, and a Kuan Yin figurine. 

Healing Altar & Shrine
Green Tara, Kuan Yin, blue candle, white candle, offering bowl of willow bark,
jade (calm, security, and harmony), rose quartz (love, compassion, healing),
angelite (compassion, understanding, protection), a pink and gold book of prayers,
and a blue banana fiber scarf.  The altar/shrine is overlooking Vin's bassinet.

Before going to the hospital, I dressed the candle in rose oil (would've used eucalyptus for its healing properties, but was unable to reach it), carved in my son's name, Kuan Yin's name, and some healing terms; asked for blessings from Kuan Yin, my Ancestors, and the Spirits, then laid the candle on the altar and went to the hospital.  

My baby's doing a lot better.  Had some setbacks over night, but after they changed his breathing tube, he's been making leaps and strides.  I left the Kuan Yin figurine in his room, after charging it and asking Her to watch over him.

An RN is attending to Vin in the background.

I'm going to keep this figurine with him until he returns home.  Now with the Her there, in a physical representation, I feel no fear in staying the night tonight.  

Burning now, along with a eucalyptus oil infused candle (eucalyptus is a powerful healer).


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