Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 2, Prayers, and Magik

The EEG from yesterday was inconclusive, so they're running a 24 hour test.  The EKG was negative for any heart problems.  Nothing much has changed from yesterday, other than them changing his formula to Sensitive, and you can tell that he's more comfortable today than yesterday.  
I'm just so drained and numb; focusing all of my energy on helping him heal and praying to Kuan Yin. 

I sleep but can't rest.  I wake up unchanged.  More exhausted than ever.  I think I've become immune to coffee.  

I realized that what I miss most of all is him looking at me.  Really looking at me.  I miss it so much and hope to see those blue eyes knowing me again.  

This evening my SD asked if I would mind if a Priest prayed for him.  Of course I don't mind.  The more prayers, well wishes, good vibes, and healing magiks, the better.  I'm drained and haven't the energy to continuously heal him; I need all of the energy I can get.  HE needs all of the healing energy he can get, too!  Energy from others is greatly appreciated.  I don't care what faith you are, because I know that it's coming from a place of love and compassion.  Goddess, Priest, Family, Friend, Stranger--I don't care if you pray, perform healing magiks, or send good vibes, as long as it's coming from a good untainted place is all that matters.  It's all the same magik, to be honest.  Prayer, spellwork, same thing to me.

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