Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Monday, Vin was released from the hospital!  We're in the process of weaning him off of morphine and ativan, and he seems to be doing okay with that.  Early this morning, he had problems, but apparently it was due to me making the bottle too cold.  He was awake for HOURS yesterday and last night.  I was hoping it was a sign that he was getting his days and nights back in order, but he's asleep right now.  So yeah, turd.  Last night wasn't easy.  It wasn't terribly hard and I didn't have any freak outs, but it was trying.  Vin threw up on my so much within two minutes that I needed a shower.  It was chunky, and heavy as it thudded against me, the chair, and the floor.

"Once again, we'd like to thank the Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors, who lent their blessings and energies to Vin and our family; as well as friends, family, and strangers who sent good vibes, prayers, thoughts, magiks; and helped out with watching Lycan; and, of course, to the emergency transport team, the doctors, RN's, Nursing Assistants, tech's, and modern medicine! 

It's been a tough and crazy week; we weren't expecting the out pour of compassion and love. So thanks again!"

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