Sunday, June 1, 2014

Communication is Key for a Successful Relationship

Talked to hubby last night about my lack of sleep and how I need help and all that (after I went to the store and treated myself to some sushi, organic mint n honey tea, babybel cheese, and Mexican Hot Chocolate Cheesecake), and last night, I actually got some much needed sleep!  I still woke up every time he cried, but still, I got to sleep!  It was nice.  No crying baby in the bed with us.  No bitching, whining, or name calling.  Just sleep.

Hubby does put the Duh in Dave, which is why some things are clear to me, freaking obvious even!  But I do need to voice and explain things to him.  It's frustrating, but needs to be done before problems get out of hand.

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