Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clear Avent Bottles Yay or Nay?

Fucking nay.  They suck!  I forgot how bad they leak!  It's awful, messy, and wasteful!  I hate them.  Apparently I'm not the only person with this problem.  One person said that they called Avent about the problem and they were told to wet the inside of the nipple for better suction.  Now I can't remember, but I don't believe that this step is mentioned in the bottle's how to section.  But apparently it is mentioned in the instructions to put the bottle together while it's wet.

One, bottles shouldn't need to be "put together".  There's the outer ring.  The nipple.  An inner ring.  Apparently, if you tightened the bottle too much, it leaks.  What?  I guess the inner rings are supposed to prevent leakage.

With us, it leaks no matter what method we try.  We've tried with the inner ring, without the inner ring, super tight, normal tight; it's ridiculous.  No bottle should require that much effort!

Avent bottles are NOT worth the hype!

Crunchy: Solution to Avent Bottle Leakage

I'm sorry but if that much effort has to be put into a freaking feeding, it's just not worth it.  IF that many people are having issues, Avent needs to work to remedy the problem, not come up with an 8 step program for the user.  Shit, when you're exhausted you don't want to fight with a freakin bottle.  You just want it to work properly and without tricks and shit.  Just mix, shake, and go.

Get your shit together Avent.  Your other products are great, but your clear bottles are pieces of ill thought out crap.

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