Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blessed Summer Solstice!

Had a wonderful solstice.  First, we started the day off with a nummy breakfast of chocolate chip banana pancakes, a cup of milk, and a glass of orange juice.  For Lycan, I cut his pancakes into fun summery shapes with cookie cutters.

After a much needed nap, I made a lunch of egg, cheese, mayo, and spinach sandwiches; salad, mixed fruit, and peach-mango juice.  I gave offerings of sunflower seed bread and faerie milk.  Then it was off to the park!  We haven't been since before Vin was born!  Lycan had a blast!  He got to cruise around in his new "bebe cart", walk the trail, 'dance' with a flirtatious butterfly, escort frogs and tiny toads across the path, find a flower, and overall have so much fun that he fell asleep in the stroller on the way back to the car.  

Daddy and Lycan

Vin Contemplating the First Day of Summer

When we got home, Lycan carried that flower around the house, saying, "Fower."  I showed him how to sniff and enjoy the fragrance of the flower.  He kept putting it to my face--sometimes practically up my nose!--so I could sniff and "mmmm!".  Then he'd shriek with laughter and do it again.  Later in the evening, he took his first sniff, without trying to eat it, and did his TOUCHDOWN pose in approval.  I currently have the flower pressing for his baby book.

After Lycan said, "Nigh nigh" and went to bed, hubby made his awesome nachos.  We were going to have a summer treat classic--smores--but hubby made us milk shakes instead.  

So far, this has been the best family sabbat, yet!

How was your sabbat?

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