Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yay Babies!

Congrats to my cousin and his wife on the birth of their twins, Eliel (4 lbs, 12 oz) and Audreé (5 lbs 3 oz).  Eliel was born first, vaginally, but Audreé had to be born via c-section.  He's fine, and she's in the NICU at Dublin Methodist Hospital, where Vin was about a month ago.  Audreé is on CPAP (same as Vin) and needed a blood transfusion.  That little girl is in good hands, the NICU team at DMH are fantastic.

Momma's doing fine.  :-)

My friend, Shaun, is having contractions, and is sure that her little girl is going to be born if not today, then tomorrow.  We'll see.  :-)

And yesterday, we  learned that two of our friends are expecting, finally!  They've been trying to get pregnant for, like, 5 years (I'm not sure).  They're going in for an ultrasound in a couple of weeks to see how many might be in there, since she conceived with the aid of fertility treatment.

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