Monday, May 26, 2014

The Chosen One

All right, so after research and reading many different customer reviews, I've ordered a double stroller!  Not Graco, because they seemed to have too many unhappy customers, or enough for me, anyway.  The major complaint being bulkiness and not fitting into some sedan models' trunks very well.

After learning that the Graco car seat model we have is compatible with Baby Trend strollers (despite that we had issues with our single), this is what we've ordered:

Baby Trend - Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Carbon

After we fix the tire blow out on our Baby Trend Single Jogger, we'll sell it to Once Upon a Child.  Hopefully we won't have too many trunk issues (as well as we take off the front tray).  I also bought a side storage, because even in my single jogger, the storage was severely lacking.  So I bought some extra space.

* A major thanks to my mom and a friend for this much needed, greatly appreciated gift!

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