Friday, May 2, 2014


Due to my own ignorance about breast pumps, I now have a cluster of new friends: friction blisters, right on the tip of my nipple.  I mentioned this, rather PG-13, on Facebook and my husband said, "Kristy, your are the epitome of TMI."

To which I retorted, "Yeah, to men."  Since I had posted a picture of my first successful bottle of breast milk.  Just the bottle of milk from my boob, not the boob itself.  And my Uncle pretty much said it was gross.  What?  How?  It's natural.  No different than a glass of cow's milk, except it's from my teat, instead of a cow's.  How's that gross?  And it's benefiting my child greatly.  I'm proud of it.  So I shared it on my son's album....and yet it's gross?

(You know I can be a prude when it comes to public breast feedings; I just don't like to see other women's breasts.  Period.  I have my own, I don't want to see yours.  Be considerate of others who don't want to see your boobs, or have their kids see em.  Whether she's topless, wearing a bikini, has way too much cleavage hanging out, or is breast feeding [unless covered].  Love it or hate it, that's how I feel.  Before some of yall start wigging out, I don't attack those who do.  I browse, scroll, and look away.  I certainly don't to it in public because I believe in being considerate to others.  It is what it is.

However, I don't think that breast feeding in itself is gross.  It's natural and for your child.  I don't get how it's disgusting.  Oh, that's right, because it's not.  Eh, people will be people.  Can't make us all get along or accept the same things.  Clearly.)

He said, "Well, what about the women who haven't pumped yet?"

"Well, then they've been warned, haven't they?"  I wasn't.  I didn't know you could get blisters from pumping or nursing, for that matter.  This is the first time I've even gotten blisters on my nip!  Be them milk blisters, friction blisters, or what have you.  My Lactation Consultant, who rented the pump to me, never warned me about them.  She never said, "Now be careful on how strong your setting is, because you could get blisters."  Nope, never said it.  I had to read in my NICU booklet about how the hospital grade pumps are mainly used just until the milk starts to come in.  After that, you're to use a lower grade.

I think that's important information to mention when renting a hospital grade pump out, yeah?  Oh, and how to treat them would be great to know, too, since I just can't stop the flow!  Can't shut down half of the factory.

Now I know and I know that they suck ass.  Or tit.  Nah, not tit; if they sucked tit, I wouldn't have this problem, would I?  This conundrum.  I don't know how I'm going to pump later when my boobs re-inflate.  I'm definitely going to switch to my pump, instead of using this hospital grade one, namely because mine's not as powerful as the one I rented.  Not even on its highest setting.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can talk to the Lactation Specialist at Dublin, or see if any of the RN's have tips to help ease this pain.  Cause I need to keep pumping, otherwise I'm going to get engorged, among other boobie milk problems (which I did know about before my problem came along and I had to go hunting for more information).

I have learned so much in the past week.

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